Fatherhood Changed Dierks Bentley’s Life

In a new interview with Parade.com, country music star Dierks Bentley talks about his family and his music.

On being inspired by fatherhood: “It changes your life and as a songwriter it feeds into your music, though I don’t try to write songs like that. Some songs are very specific, but other songs I try so that they can be heard and interpreted in different ways. There are songs on this record that I wrote with my daughter in mind, but they could be a love song, could be a spiritual song, all depends on how you listen to it.”

On trying for a boy: “Well, I got two boys. I got Jake and George, my two dogs, and I’m good. We’re really happy with what we’ve got. My brother has three girls so I think I’ll stick with two, but you never know.”

Photos by Fame

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