Diana Ross Is Guardian To Michael Jackson’s Kids

If Michael Jackson’s mom, Katherine Jackson, dies – Diana Ross is supposedly to gain custody of his children – Prince Michael (14), Paris (13) and Blanket (9).

As of now, the children are in custody of their grandmother Katherine.  But apparently the soul singer is named in the King of Pop’s will as guardian.

“Diana has made no moves whatsoever not to fulfil her role that Michael intended for her,” a source said. “Michael didn’t trust anyone in his family besides, his mother, to raise the children. Michael loved Diana and chose her for a very specific reason.”

However, apparently Michael knew that if anything should ever happen to him his mother wouldn’t be a long term solution to take care of the kids because of her age.  Katherine turns 81-years-old this May.

“Katherine is a very doting, loving grandmother. She just isn’t getting any younger and that is why Michael named a second guardian,” said the source.

“Diana will step in if there’s an immediate need to do so.”

Diana although, already has five children: Rhonda Ross Kendrick (39), with Berry Gordy; Tracee Ellis Ross (38), and Chudney Ross (35), with first husband Robert Ellis Silberstein and Ross Arne Naess (23), and Evan Ross (22), with Norwegian shipping magnate Arne Naess, Jr. who died in 2004.

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Diana Ross Slept On Air Mattress During Daughter’s Pregnancy

Superstar Diana Ross was so determined to support her eldest daughter through every step of her pregnancy, the singer moved in with her and slept on an air mattress.

Actress Rhonda welcomed her son Raif Henok Emmanuel Kendrick in August 2009, and reveals the Baby Love hitmaker was so eager to help out in the months leading up to the boy’s birth, she willingly spent night after night on a makeshift bed.  Rhonda, whose father is record mogul Berry Gordy, tells Oprah Winfrey,

“I had had some problem pregnancies prior, so we were very careful with this one, and she was with me the whole time, she slept on an air mattress in my apartment, she came to every doctor’s appointment, and I was going a lot.”

Ross, 66, was also present for her first grandchild’s birth, and admits she drove doctors at the hospital crazy.
The singer says,

“I was there when she gave birth too. The doctor said I was nuts, I was running, going, ‘Oh, oh, oh, look at that baby!’ I think they wanted to kick me out!”

Rhoda, 39, adds, “She was the first one to grab the baby. She ran out like it was a football!”

Raif is Rhonda’s child with jazz musician husband Rodney Kendrick.

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