Celebs Including Denise Richards And Her Daughters Attend Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Event

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation - 25th Annual 'A Time For Heroes' Celebration

Denise Richards and her girls and several other celebrities stepped out this week for the Elisabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation event.  Denise and her oldest daughters, Sam and Lola Sheen, stopped for photographers on the red carpet, shyly smiling as they held hands.

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Denise Richards Has A Deli Date With Her Daughters

Exclusive... Denise Richards Takes Her Daughters To Beverly Glen DeliBusy mom Denise Richards was on the go this week with her two oldest daughters, Sam and Lola.  The Richards ladies were spotted as they stopped off for some yummy goodness at the Beverly Glen Deli after school.  The girls are looking so much like their mom as they get older!  All three girls were sporting colorful tank tops and tennis shoes as they made their way back to the car.

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Denise Richards Keeps Busy With Her Three Daughters

Exclusive... Denise Richards Takes Her Girls To The Jewish Federation Goldsmith Center

Denise Richards and her daughters enjoyed some time out and about this week.  With school starting this past week, the girls have been keeping busy with school shopping, horseback riding and more.  Sam and Lola are doing well with their horseback riding and winning awards!  Denise shared one of their latest horse show results on Instagram. [Read more...]