Denise Richards’ Daughters Have Fun Horsing Around

denise-richards-2Denise Richards’ girls, Sam and Lola, have found a great hobby – horseback riding!  The girls have been doing it for a while now (and even broke an arm once) and it looks like they’re only getting more serious about it all!

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Denise Richards Shares New Photos Of Her Daughters

Well here’s a mom that we haven’t seen very much lately! Looking at these pics, it seems like celebrity mom Denise Richards has laid low this summer by spending it close to home with her three girls. The actress posted a few of her favorite photos of her dolls on her web site along with a little message for her fans. Here’s what she writes:

“This summer has been flying by. It’s hard to believe that it’s already August! Luckily, we’ve been having wonderful weather here in L.A. so the girls and I spent a lot of time in the pool this month. Here are some pictures from our July.”

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Denise Richards Talks Balancing A Career With Kids

Raising three young girls is a task in itself, so managing a flourishing career as well is no easy task for Denise Richards. But she has found a way to organize her busy schedule.

“You have to take the pressure off yourself. If you try to make everything perfectly balanced, that can create guilt. When I’m working, things give at home and when I’m at home, things give at work,” Denise tells Women’s Wear Daily.

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Denise Richards Shares Holiday Plans

Denise Richards recently launched her own blog where she shared her upcoming holiday plans.

Denise said that holidays are all about family and friends. “I spend my holidays with family and friends. The more the merrier.”

And when it comes to family, ex-husband Charlie Sheen is included. “I do see Charlie over the holidays,” she said, and added, “He’s my family.” Denise and Charlie – who are parents to Sam and Lola – keep things in perspective. “I think it’s best to stay friendly whether it’s the holidays or not,” she said. On her best advice for co-parenting, Denise shared, “Keep it about the kids and keep the peace.”

She added: “[We spend] Christmas morning opening presents with the kids. Then Christmas dinner at our house – this year it will be all of us. Many of my friends can’t get home, they come for dinner as well.”

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