Denise Richards Says Baby Eloise Loves Her Older Sisters

There’s nothing more sweeter than sisterly love! Actress Denise Richards says her adopted daughter, Eloise loves watching her older sisters Sam and Lola play despite the 7-year age gap between the 10-month-old and her older sisters.

Denise tells People Magazine:

“She loves her big sisters, even just watching them … If we play in the backyard, if I’m playing with the bigger girls, I’ll bring Eloise’s chair so she’s able to be outside and watch us.”

She also adds that Sam and Lola have been fantastic big sisters for their family’s newest addition as well:

“They love to feed her, and even when she was a [newborn], they loved holding her. When Eloise was a little smaller, Lola showed me how she was able to carry her. She put the little blanket on her shoulder and picked her up and was carrying her around like a mom. I couldn’t believe it.”

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Denise Richards “Always Wanted More Kids”

Denise Richards may seem to have it all: beautiful daughters, a new book, and a wealthy career, but the actress/author felt like something was always missing.

“I’ve always wanted more children and [I] had to make a decision: Do I wait to find the right partner or do it on my own?” Richards, 40, shared during a Tuesday appearance on The View. “So I just did it on my own.”

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