Paris Jackson’s Mom Confirms That She Tried To Commit Suicide This Morning

Paris Jackson Outside Her Mom's House

Paris Jackson’s mom, Debbie Rowe, confirms that Paris was rushed to the hospital early this morning after attempting suicide.  Debbie told ET that Paris had cuts on her wrists and has “had a lot going on lately”.

This breaks my heart on so many levels.  If you’ve ever watched her videos, you’d know that this young lady is so funny and full of light. I can’t imagine trying to navigate those tough teen years being the daughter of one of the most famous artists of all time and in the age of social media.

Our thoughts are with Paris and hope she gets the help and support she needs during this difficult time.

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Spends The Weekend With Her Mom

Paris Jackson Outside Her Mom's House

Paris Jackson and Debbie Rowe continue to work on having a relationship. Paris has been seen spending a lot of time with her biological mom over the past few months.  This weekend Paris was snapped outside of Debbie’s home near L.A.

Paris has been doing a lot of experimenting with different looks and styles this year.  She chopped off her long locks a while back and even dyed them an orangey color this week.   Yesterday she was sporting a cowboy hat and boots with a Jack Daniels tank top and ripped black jeans.


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Lunch With Her Mom Debbie Rowe


It looks like these two are rekindling their relationship and bonding as mother and daughter once again! Michael Jackson‘s daughter Paris Jackson was spotted having lunch with her mother Debbie Rowe in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Saturday afternoon.

Paris looks so different with her new haircut, doesn’t she? Actually, she looks so much more like an adult now. I can’t believe how fast Michael’s kids are growing! Although, it’s a good thing that she’s spending time with her mom. I’m sure Michael would be proud! 🙂

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Debbie Rowe Upset Over Jackson Family Guardianship Battle

We can only imagine what Debbie Rowe is going through right now while watching the Jackson Family drama unfold over Michael Jackson‘s Estate and the guardianship battle between his three children, Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket. Debbie is reported to be so distraught over her kids’ guardianship that she is “praying” that the battle will be resolved soon.

According to a source close to Debbie, the mother of Prince and Paris Jackson, she was extremely aware of how a notably adversarial relationship between the Jackson family and the executors of MJ’s estate developed in the past several months.

“Debbie is acutely aware of what is going on and is monitoring the situation closely,” the source revealed. “She knew about this for months and hoped that it would work itself out behind closed doors. She was upset that everything is being dragged out in the public eye, something Michael would have opposed staunchly. She loves her children unconditionally and prays that they will not be dragged into this publicly any further. She thinks it’s a very delicate and sad situation that should not be aired publicly.”

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Lisa Marie Presley Hurt By Rowe Baby Taunts

Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson’s 18-month marriage in the mid-1990s started to crumble when the King of Pop told her his friend Debbie Rowe had offered to have children with him.

The rocker admits she was far from shocked when her then-ex announced his new wife Rowe was carrying his first child months after he divorced Presley – because he used to taunt her with the idea while they were married.  In a revealing TV interview with Oprah Winfrey, Presley says,

“I knew it was a bit of a retaliatory act on his part because I didn’t have a baby and I know that she was there the whole time telling him she would do it. He would tell me… ‘If you’re not gonna do it, Debbie says she’ll do it.’ “I was like, ‘What is that? Not gonna entice me,’ so we would get into arguments because that really wasn’t how to handle it – but that’s how he knew how to handle it.”

And Presley admits those arguments were the beginning of the end for the marriage:

“I understand him so well now but, at that time, I was hurt and I did things that hurt him.”

She reveals that her closeness with her former husband Danny Keogh, who she had two children with, was a big issue for Jackson.
Presley explains,

“I was very torn because I broke up my family and I left my husband for Michael… While I was with Michael I was still trying to process what I had done… I felt, ‘How could I have done that to somebody…?’

“Danny was still very much part of my life and Michael didn’t know what to do with that sometimes and that made him uncomfortable. I would take a vacation and Danny would go and Michael would get upset.. and then he would disappear for a couple of weeks and I couldn’t find him.

“We hit rough waters and we would argue – three-day arguments sometimes, taking a break to eat and sleep. I’d have to say that I really admire that he really gave it (our marriage) a good shot. I didn’t appreciate it then and I wish I did.”

I can’t help it but have, “Do You Remember The Time” song stuck in my head writing the post.  Let’s take a look back on Michael and Lisa Marie.

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