Kristen Bell Shares A Photo Of Her Daughter! Well, Kinda…

dax-shepard-kristen-bellKristen Bell and Dax Shephard led the charge against paparazzi photos in LA after welcoming their first child, daughter Lincoln. They were the ones who thought to pressure media outlets not to run the photos. Remember that? Well, Kristen seems to be getting a tiny bit more relaxed about the idea of a picture of her daughter getting out there. Then again, maybe not. Check out the photo she posted of her little one online after the break.

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Dax Shepard Freaks Out After Kristen Bell’s Pregnancy Scare



Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell definitely won’t be having baby #3 now – unless they go the way of adoption, of course. Dax explained to Jimmy Kimmel that a recent pregnancy scare sealed the deal for him: two kids are enough!

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