David Beckham Dishes On Daughter Harper And Her Heavenly Scent

David Beckham was promoting his new fragrance “David Beckham Homme” and dished about the unique experience of having a baby girl (daughter Harper Seven) in the house.  He shared with Access Hollywood:

“Everything she does, from the moment she wakes up to the moment she sleeps — it’s a totally different thing. Obviously, I’m used to having boys. We’ve got three amazing boys, but there’s a lot of energy with them. With Harper, she’s so calm, she’s so ladylike, she’s so feminine.  Everything she does is a milestone… the way she holds herself, the way she breathes, the way she smiles, the way she makes noises. It’s just – it’s amazing.”

The smitten dad of four shared that he modeled his scent after that “new baby smell”:

“Nothing compares to the smell of a newborn baby, Nothing. There’s nothing out there that even comes close.  I’ll tell you, [my fragrance] is the closest thing to it, but nothing compares to a newborn baby smell… you can’t beat the smell of a baby, but I don’t think you can beat this smell either.”

He also shared that Victoria’s back is much better:

“She’s in great form right now. A few weeks after the baby, she had a slipped disk in her back, which was obviously very uncomfortable for her, because then feeding Harper was very difficult, and picking Harper up. So, everything she did was obviously painful .  But she’s great now… she’s very happy at the moment.”

Photos by Fame

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