Dara Torres Shares Fitness Tips For Moms

Dara Torres, Olympic swimmer and mother of one, shares some tips and advice on squeezing in workouts – and naps – to fit your kids’ schedules and keep you in tip-top shape. First tip – you don’t need a gym membership to stay in shape:

When squeezing in a workout seems impossible, think again. I like to take cans of food and do mini-bicep curls.

While watching your favorite TV show, challenge yourself to do push-ups, sit-ups and squats during commercials. Doing stuff with things you find in your house is very helpful if you can’t get out.”

She says to make sure you rest up:

If you are really tired and your child is taking a nap, it’s always good to take a nap when they do.  And make sure you stay hydrated. You’re running around, chasing your kid around, if you want to work out, staying hydrated is very important.”

Dara says that her five year old, Tessa, keeps her active:

Whether it’s a long walk on the beach or a bike ride around the neighborhood, they keep me up, moving and laughing the whole way through

She also shares that pregnant moms shouldn’t afraid to workout (unless your dr. or midwife advises against it, of course!)

A lot of people don’t exercise when they’re pregnant and I don’t know if it’s fear or what it is, but I always exercised when I was pregnant, so it was easier for me to lose my weight. I swam my whole entire pregnancy. I think that really helped a lot. I even worked out the day I had my child.”

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