Product Review: Dapper Snappers Adjustable Toddler Belts

Every once in a while a product comes along and you ask yourself “where has this been all my life”?  Dapper Snappers Adjustable Toddler Belts is one of those products! It’s so simple, yet so ingenious!

When my son was younger, he was tall and slim – a combination that the kiddie jean industry doesn’t seem to recognize.  If we found the proper length, the waist was huge and he hated the kids belts because they were uncomfortable for the active playing he was doing – constantly digging into his stomach and sides. Plus, he’d have to struggle on his own to get the belt undone for using the restroom, something you DON’T have to worry about with Dapper Snappers, which makes it a godsend during potty training!

Dapper Snappers is changing the game in toddler belts.  They are perfect for those in between sizes (ideal for 9 months – 6 years), they come in a variety of colors to blend in with whatever outfit your child is wearing, and most importantly – they are affordable!  They are also easy to snap and unsnap – but won’t pop open on you!  No belt loops? No problem!  Dapper Snappers also have these great clips for clothing without belt loops.  (See the photo above)

I’ve included the video below so you can see just how simple and amazing these are!

*Sample was provided for the review

Photos courtesy of Dapper Snappers

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