MD MOMS Baby Silk Daily UV Shield

MD MOMS new sunscreen, Baby Silk Daily UV Shield, offers a great option for the summer. This creamy, moisturizing SPF 30+ sunscreen rubs in easily, leaves no white smudges behind and works really well. As with all MD MOMS products, this one leaves out all of the yucky stuff you don’t want on your child’s skin. It’s fragrance, paraben, phthalate, lanolin, mineral oil, petroleum  and wax free plus offers a broad spectrum of mineral based protection, so no chemical sunscreens either.  Safe for your littlest ones, even young infants, this sunscreen will also stay on through sweaty trips to the playground or time in the pool as it’s sweatproof and water resistant. If your vacation plans involve flying, Baby Silk daily UV shield is also  TSA-approved for carry-on luggage. It’s such a silky smooth product that you can easily wear it yourself alone or even under makeup making it a winner product for the whole family.

I really did test this one out on my very fair, very dry skinned 5 year old. He wore this to school every day this week and didn’t get so much as a pink tint anywhere on his body despite temperatures in the mid to high 90s. It goes on quickly and smoothly and unlike many mineral based sunscreens, it does not leave a white and chalky mess behind. This smooth formula disappears into skin with little effort. Even though I applied it at 8 in the morning, he was well protected through a long sweaty field day and midday recess. An added bonus, his dry skin is well hydrated and not as itchy because of the moisturizing properties and I only have to attack him once a day with one product instead of two. baby silk daily UV shield  contains antioxidant vitamins E & B5, grapeseed oil and avocado oil for very healthy, happy skin Not only does it not irritate my sons sensitive skin, it seems to actually improve it which is added benefit that I’m so glad to have. It can be hard to choose a sunscreen that you know will work and is safe for your child. I feel confident that MD MOMS Baby Silk Daily UV Shield offers a safe and effective sunscreen option for my children with less worry for me.

Please visit the MD MOMS site for more details and to see the full line of MD MOMS products. If you order directly from the MD MOMS site this summer,  shipping is free through 9/5/11.

*A sample was provided for review purposes.

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