Shares Her Son Cree’s Touching Words

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation's 24th Annual 'A Time For Heroes' Event

Actress Tia Mowry-Hardrict is dishing on one of Cree’s milestones.  The Instant Mom star shares that Cree, 2, finally said those magic words: “I love you”.

Tia shared, “It was in the morning, and of course I’m into co-sleeping, so he was in the bed with my husband and I.  We were playing Angry Birds on my iPhone — because he loves that game first thing in the morning — I lean over to him, I give him a kiss on the cheek, and I say, ‘I love you, Cree,’ and he reciprocated and said, ‘I love you.’  Then, of course, I started bawling. I was just floored and my husband was looking at me like, ‘Oh my God, Tia.’”

Tia also opened up about wishing someone had warned her about working mom’s guilt.  She shared about this revelation, “No one ever told me about the guilt that you have as a working mother — and I wish someone had.  I’m all about keeping it real, and I got the, ‘It’s great being a mom! It’s the best thing in the world!’ I wish someone would have been honest with me about that because the guilt is so strong.”

She’s happy to show Cree that life takes hard work, though. “I’m like every other mom out there that goes to work to help provide for their family, and take care of their child, and I really had to learn how to change my perspective on it. I want my child to grow up seeing that his mom works hard for what she gets. If I can instill that with my son, that, ‘Mommy works hard, and things aren’t just given to her,’ then I’ve done a good thing.”

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Talks Motherhood And Holiday Plans

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Actress Tia Mowry and her husband Cory Hardrict are gearing up for the holidays with their son Cree.  Tia shared some insight into her family’s holiday traditions and dished about motherhood in general.

Tia on her family’s traditions:  “My family and I love to spend time in the snow around the holidays! My husband and I enjoy going to Utah or Colorado to spend quality time together. We also like watching classic holiday movies! My favorite holiday movies are A Christmas Story, Home Alone, Groundhog Day and Polar Express.”

On Cree’s Christmas wishlist: “Right now Cree is fascinated with helicopters and fire trucks. I have a feeling Santa will bring him some good toys to play with, and of course share with his cousin Aden.”

Tia’s best advice for other moms: “Being a mother doesn’t come with a handbook on how to raise a perfect child. I take it one day at a time and prioritize and do my best to balance my career and family life.”


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Talks Attachment Parenting Decision

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation's 24th Annual 'A Time For Heroes' Event

On last night’s episode of Tia & Tamera, the sisters talked about their differences in parenting style.  Tia Mowry shares with Momtastic that she didn’t start out with the intention of being an “attachment parent”, it just fit her approach to raising her son Cree.

Tia shares, “I never felt like I specifically made a decision to practice “attachment parenting,” it wasn’t like I said: I am going to be this type of parent over that type of parent. It was something that just naturally took place after I had my son, Cree. When I had Cree, breastfeeding for me was a no-brainer; it was something that I truly enjoyed. The bonding experience was unbelievable and I felt so attached to my son.”

Along with co-sleeping and breastfeeding, the celebrity mom enjoys having Cree at her side always, but does feel the pressure and judgement from others.  “This parenting style has benefited my relationship with Cree, mostly due to my work schedule. Being a working mom, my hours are crazy, so I do enjoy doing things like letting Cree sleep with me in bed and taking him everywhere with me. On the other hand, I do experience struggles with this type of parenting, and it is mostly based in the judgement of others. I know I get judged by a lot of people, however what I believe is there is no right or wrong way to parent a child. I think a mother must do whatever is best for her and for her family.”

Did you watch last night’s episode? I love the Mowry sisters aren’t afraid to share their different views and can agree to disagree on things – like parenting approaches.

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