Reveals Daughter Coco Is Musical

 Exclusive... Courteney Cox Out Sightseeing In Venice With Her Boyfriend & Daughter NO INTERNET USE WITHOUT PRIOR AGREEMENT

Celeb mom Courteney Cox has a new beau, Johnny McDaid, and it seems that he’s getting along quite well with her daughter Coco.  Not only are the two hitting it off, but the musician may be rubbing off on her! At a recent event Courteney and Johnny took some time to gush about Coco’s new musical inclinations.

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Italy Vacation With Coco And Johnny McDaid Comes To An End

Courteney Cox Arriving On A Flight At LAX With Coco & David

Cougar Town star Courteney Cox returned home from a family vacation in Italy!  The actress and her daughter Coco touched down at LAX this weekend, with Courteney’s boyfriend Johnny McDaid along for the journey.   Johnny was ever the gentleman and helped Coco make her way through the crowd of reporters in a very protective fashion.

It’s sort of interesting/funny that Courteney and David Arquette both ended up with significant others who look psychically like one another.  They must both have a definite “type”.  David’s baby-mama-to-be Christina McLarty looks very much like Courteney, while Courteney’s Johnny looks a lot like David!

Rumor has it that things are very serious with Courteney and Johnny and wedding bells could be in their future.  I’d call it serious when you start vacationing with the kids along!

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Heads Off With Coco And Johnny McDaid

Courteney Cox Catches A Flight With Her Boyfriend & Daughter

Courteney Cox stepped out with her boyfriend Johnny McDaid and her daughter Coco Arquette yesterday afternoon.  Courteney, Johnny and Coco were snapped as they arrived at LAX to catch a flight together.  No word on where this adorable trio was heading – and if it was for work or for fun!

Courteney first went public with her Irish beau back in December.  Rumor has it that they started dating long before that.  Now the reports say the two may be heading down the aisle as early as this spring!  Johnny and Courteney met through singer and musician Ed Sheeran, who was renting Courteney’s Malibu beach house over the summer.

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Coco Was Nervous About Becoming A Big Sister


Life is about to change for Coco Cox-Arquette, but mom Courteney says they’re trying their best to prepare her!  Coco’s famous dad, David Arquette, is expecting a child with his longtime girlfriend Christina McLarty.  Courtney shares that Coco was nervous at first, but she’s coming around!

While promoting the return of her hit show, Cougar Town, Courteney shared “At first she was nervous because it’s a big deal. At first, I was nervous! I was like, ‘Woo, heavy.’ Now it’s great.  We actually all had dinner the other night. The whole family. It’s a very unique relationship. All of us, like literally, me and Christina and David and Coco — it’s great.”

The celebrity mom says Coco has warmed up to the baby idea, but she doesn’t want her mom to change a thing in her life.  “It’s almost like she’s a little bit of a tick — she is on me! She doesn’t want [any] changes in my life.”

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