Kate Gosselin Begins Coupon Blogging

Just in time for Black Friday, Kate Gosselin has gone and published her first piece of writing on CouponCabin.com.

The former Kate Plus 8 star says:

Now it’s time for me to seriously get to work. Yes, work writing blog posts is a part of that, but every mother knows that preparing for Thanksgiving, and then the incredible job of buying gifts (without breaking the bank) for a family is a huge job.

Oh, how I love to save money, especially around the holidays. The money I save means my kids get more gifts and more gifts for them means I get more smiles and hugs on Christmas morning. And that, in itself, is the perfect gift for me!

Speaking of the holidays, Thanksgiving is almost here. So, we do it every year. We run around and wear ourselves out planning, shopping for, and cooking a ridiculously amazing Thanksgiving dinner… only to overeat and become slugs (once cleanup is done, ladies!) in front of the TV and computer to let ourselves digest. I tend to clean, wash, dry and store leftovers late into the night…but I suppose some get a chance to relax! I cook the entire meal every single year from appetizers to dessert and I enjoy every minute of it until the belly bloat and backache start. But a chorus of eight “Yummy, mommy!” makes it totally worth it.

Once Thanksgiving is all over, it truly hits me: The holiday season is upon me and this mom of eight kids had better get shopping…and fast! In the past, I have been known to shop year round, which I will still do if something special for someone on my list catches my eye. I’ve watched and noticed, though, that the deals on Black Friday, whether you are using printable coupons from CouponCabin.com or shopping online with coupon codes, the deals truly are best online around the holidays.

What do you think? Are these tips helpful?

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