Minnie Driver's Son Inherited Her Chatty Side

Minnie Driver’s son, Henry Story, celebrated his second birthday last week.  According to Minnie, he recently started talking – a lot.  Last night at the premiere of her new movie “Conviction“, she shared:

“He turned two last Sunday and he’s starting to talk. We just had a long conversation on the phone before I came here to the premiere and he just loves to talk. He doesn’t shut up like me,”

Conviction” is a true story about a woman who puts herself through law school so she can free her wrongly-accused brother from prison.  Minnie says she can absolutely relate to going to any length to help your family and children:

I would understand that feeling with my brothers and sisters. I mean categorically with my son but with my family I would do whatever it takes. I completely understand that strong, fierce love for another.”

Photos by FAME