No More Kids For Claudia Schiffer

Don’t expect supermodel Claudia Schiffer to pose naked with a pregnant belly ever again – the 40-year-old mom says she’s done having children.

Schiffer has three children – Caspar (7), Clementine (5) and Cosima Violet (4 mos.) – with husband Matthew Vaughn and the married couple has agreed not to produce anymore children.  Schiffer told the Daily Telegraph newspaper:

“I have just had my third child in May and I am definitely not going to have any more. I love being a mum but I am happy with what I have got, so now that’s it.”

I have just had my third child in May and I am definitely not going to have any more.

And it’s definitely not because she’s embarrassed of her bod.  Schiffer admitted that having children has actually made her more confident about being naked as she gets older.  She explained:

“I’m a lot more self-confident than I used to be. To some extent I owe that to my children and my husband. I know what I’m doing and what I want. I have control over myself and that feels good.

“I’ve never hidden the fact that I used to be shy, even when I was 30. However, I might have been self-conscious on the inside, but I was never inhibited about my body.”

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Claudia Schiffer Names Her Newborn Daughter Cosima Violet

Claudia Schiffer has named her newborn daughter Cosima Violet, her rep announced on Tuesday.
Claudia, 39, and husband, filmmaker Matthew Vaughn, welcomed Cosima on May 14th in London.
Little Cosima  joins big sister Clementine, 5½, and big brother Caspar, 7.
Claudia and Matthew wanted to wait until “the whole family met the newborn” before they announced her name to the world.
Cute name!
Cosima is a feminine given name, the feminine version of the name Cosmo. It is derived from the Greek word κοσμος or kosmos, meaning “order, decency.” Cosmo was a fourth century saint who was martyred with his brother Damian. They are the patron saints of medical doctors. Authors Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz commented in their 2007 book The Baby Names Bible that the name sounds exotic and is a fashionable name for the daughters of members of high society in the United Kingdom.

Claudia Schiffer & Husband Welcome A Daughter!


Claudia Schiffer, 39, and her husband, movie-producer Matthew Vaughan, have welcomed a daughter! The baby was born in London and according to the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag Claudia delivered the baby Friday. It is the third child for Claudia and Matthew. The little girl joins big brother, Caspar, 7, and big sister Clementine, 5. A name had not been announced yet.



An Expectant Claudia Schiffer Poses Like Demi Moore For German Vogue


Nine-months-pregnant Claudia Schiffer, 39, bares all on the June issue of German Vogue in the same way that Demi Moore did in 1991 for Vanity Fair when she was seven months pregnant with daughter Scout.

Claudia has said she loves being pregnant, despite her beer cravings (now she drinks non alcoholic).

“Before my pregnancies, I was someone who had to watch her weight. I had a personal trainer, I was working out, I would never eat anything sweet…” said Claudia, who is expecting a daughter with her husband, director Matthew Vaughn. (The new addition will join big brother Caspar, 7, and big sister Clementine, 5.)

“Anyway, I got pregnant and when I was breastfeeding, [the extra pounds] just came off,” said Claudia. “I can eat whatever I want. If I don’t eat enough, I will lose weight.”

Claudia certainly looks gorgeous, but she also looks rather angry on the cover of German Vogue!

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