Christian Bale Is On Dad Duty With His Son and Daughter

Exclusive... Christian Bale Lunches With His ChildrenActor Christian Bale is on dad duty with his two kids.  The former Batman star was snapped yesterday afternoon as he took his daughter Emmaline and his new son out for lunch.  The Bale threesome stopped off for their meal in Santa Monica.

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Rare Sighting: Christian Bale And Sibi Catch A Flight With The Kids

Christian Bale & Family Catch A Flight At LAXChristian Bale and his wife Sibi caught a flight together this weekend, along with their two kids, Emmaline and their new baby boy.  The celeb couple was spotted making their way through LAX to hop a flight.

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Christian Bale Welcomes A Son!

Exclusive... Christian Bale & Family Lunch In Brentwood

It’s a boy!  Actor Christian Bale and his wife Sibi Blazic have welcomed their second child together, a son.  We don’t know when and we don’t know where and we don’t know his name, but that’s typical for this super private celebrity!

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Baby Bumping Around With Emmeline

Exclusive... Christian Bale Out For A Stroll With His Family

Baby Batman on board!  Or Batgirl!  Actor Christian Bale and his pregnant wife Sibi stepped out this week with their daughter Emmeline.  Christian, Sibi and Emmeline were snapped as they wandered about in Santa Monica yesterday afternoon.

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