Zkano Organic Cotton Socks

Socks don’t seem like something you’d get excited over very easily, but I’m very excited about these. Zkano Organic Cotton Socks socks are fabulous. Normally I pretty much take socks for granted and don’t really think very much about them beyond mayve the color, but recently we’ve had some sock issues shall we say, so my attention to the specifics of socks has greatly increased. Not only do we have 4 different sized feet to deal, we have a 3 year old who is so picky about his socks that the wrong pair can bring the day to a screeching halt. As a result, I now notice every little detail- fit, stretch, comfy factor, seams and potential for rubbing or bunching up in little shoes. And since I’m now not the only one putting on everyone’s socks for them, I have begun to look at how easy the are for little hands to put on correctly. Zkano socks are the first socks that have thrilled me in every category. Even better, all 4 of my children love them, even the obsessively picky 3 yr old and that is no small feat.

Zkano socks are super soft and squishy organic cotton. You will notice how great they feel as soon as you touch them and want some of your own (Luckily, they do also make socks for adults and they are just as lovely). These socks are made in a family run mill in Alabama, another plus, from certified organic cotton and are available in 3 styles for children in both white and natural. We tested out all 3 styles and loved each one. The flat seam construction means no rubbed toes or pinches under shoes and the fit is superb. These are thick and super stretchy, so no baggy heels or extra material to bunch up under little shoes. These socks stay put, even the “No-Show” stayed right in place on my 2 year old’s skinny foot as he tested them out all day long, running, jumping and kicking to his heart’s content. These little socks are also very easy to get on & off a little foot, even when asleep, which is great at nap or bedtime. The 4-6 size fit both my 1month old and my 2 year old perfectly, while the larger size was a great fit for both my 3 & 5 year olds. Our favorite part though, might be the L & R stitched into the toes. My 2 year old just loves the letters, but it always helps my 5 & 3 year olds remember which foot is which. I love these socks, so much , we will absolutely be buying more for everyone.

The 3 Zkano styles for Kids are a Crew, a 1/4 Sock and the “No-Show” and all 3 are available in 3 packs for $12.00. These are extremely high quality socks, the very best socks I have seen in a very, very long time. These remind me of socks I wore as a child, but just haven’t been able to find for my children until now. And the price really is great for such amazing socks that will wear so well, last until well beyond when your child outgrows them and give your children happy feet. Not to mention that the organic cotton is safer for you and your children, better for the planet and provides a much safer work environment for growers and everything in the vicinity of the growing fields really. Who would have thought buying such wonderful socks could support so very much?

Zkano offers a top notch sock that you will be so glad you purchased as soon as you touch them. Please visit the Zkano website for more information on the full line of socks for adults and children and to purchase these most perfect socks.

*Zkano provided samples for review.

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