Is She Pregnant?


Could we have another celebrity baby bump watch in the entertainment world here? Well, maybe not yet. Kelly Clarkson is debunking rumors that she is pregnant with her first child.

The 31-year-old American Idol winner posted: “FYI ….Brandon & I are getting married & no I am not pregnant. We are eloping for one reason only. We both want an intimate ceremony.”

Clarkson recently told People that she cannot wait until October to marry her beau and has decided to elope, saying: “We are so busy that we finally just came to terms the other night and were like, ‘So, we change our minds and we want to elope. We just got so overwhelmed by it—the decisions.”

She added, “Our whole life is a celebration. That’s what we kept laughing about. We don’t need another day where we throw a big party. Our lives are so in the spotlight all the time. Everything is such a spectacle, we were like, ‘We should rather have an intimate moment that’s special.”

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She Loves Being A Stepmom!


She might not have any children of her own yet but according to Kelly Clarkson, she loves being a stepmom to her fiance Brandon Blackstock’s two children. Here’s what she says:

It’s not a try hard situation. It’s easy… It’s work, obviously after a year and a half… reality starts to set in. It’s fun work, it’s not like he wants to change me and I want to change him. We’re very similar.

Even like his kids, are you kidding me? I have a 12-year-old and a 6-year-old now … after being single for six years! We all live together and everything … it’s so different, but it’s perfect. They’re awesome and I actually really dig the mom thing … I am quick to go, ‘I told you not to touch that!’… I am totally my mom. My mom was a hard mom.

To be honest, it looks like Kelly is taking everything in stride though and there’s no doubt in my head that she’s doing a great job taking care of her fiance’s kids. I can’t help but wish her nothing but happiness with her new family! I know she’ll do well. 🙂

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Shopping With Her Stepsons


She sure does love her boys! Celebrity stepmom Leann Rimes was spotted along with her husband Eddie Cibrian taking Eddie’s son Mason to the Westfeld Mall after seeing “Man of Steel” at a local movie theater while in Los Angeles, Calif. on Saturday afternoon.

Tell us, do you think Mason might be a little too young to see a movie like “Man of Steel?” I do hear that it’s pretty violent in some parts. Let us know in the comments section below!

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Reveals That She Loves Being A Stepmom


According to rapper and chart topper Eve, one of the best roles she has in her life is that of being a stepmom. The hitmaker recently opened up to Redbook magazine, where she talked about her latest album and being a stepmom. Here are some highlights from her interview:

On releasing her first album in 11 years:

“It feels like I’m a new artist, on the artist side. But on the business side, because I’ve been doing it for so long, it’s like riding a bike. But on the artist side, I do feel new, I feel shy.”

On having any tattoo regrets from when she was younger:

“They all still have meaning — even when I’ve had to cover one up. I’ve only had to do that twice — one because it was a name and one had a mistake. But they each tell a story. I’ve gotten my tattoos in different countries that I love — so it’s like a map. A scrapbook. You can’t regret decisions you make. You were in a certain place at a certain time and it’s okay, it was meant for you at that moment, and it tells the story of you.”

On getting along with boyfriend Maximillion Cooper’s children:

“I’m in straight stepmom mode. When I’m away, we video chat. I miss them.  It’s been three years now and we’ve done family vacations. Now, they’re rooting for a baby sister or brother. They’ll say, “I want a brown baby sister or a brown baby brother” which I think is hilarious! So, we’ll see what happens.”

On hearing that  her boyfriend’s friends didn’t like her right away:

“Yeah. They can kiss my a**. But you know what, I get it. Here’s this girl rapper — that’s all they saw. As good friends do, they Googled and then they saw crazy s***. My life’s not been — you know, it’s had some crazy moments. So I guess they were being good friends in a way. That was the past; everyone has a past. Some of his friends are great. He never told me exactly who said what. I always guessed, so I have my own little grudges.”

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Brandi Glanville And LeAnn Rimes Celebrate Jake Cibrian’s Birthday

Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes came together for a good cause this weekend: to celebrate the birthday of Jake Cibrian. The celebrity mom and stepmom were spotted leaving Chuck E. Cheese after a birthday celebration for Jake.

Brandi and her sons just returned from a week-long vacation to Mexico.

It’s nice to see Brandi and LeAnn getting along for the sake of the boys.  I’m sure it makes things much easier on them.


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