Feels She’ll Be The Perfect Teacher For Her Daughter

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Kendra Wilkinson is gearing up for the arrival of her second child, a baby girl, in less than two months.  The reality star dished recently that she’s a perfect teacher for her daughter and can’t wait to help mold her into whatever she’s going to be.

Kendra shared that her own experience is going to come in handy. “Getting the chance to have this challenge and this little person. You know, I lived my life as a young girl and as a young woman. I feel like I know the key, and I feel like I wouldn’t have another kid if I didn’t feel like I had the key to life. I feel like having a girl is it and that it’s meant to be and I am up for the challenge.”

The mom of one says she doesn’t want a lot of pressure her on daughter. “Do I want her to be herself, find herself, and not feel so much pressure? Yes. I feel like I have the key for her to do that. I feel like I am the perfect teacher for a young girl and for young girls everywhere. Even for my neighbors, I am like their life coach; I give them advice for life and they listen. “

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In Labor? Shares Snap Referencing Hospital!


Victoria Federline (aka Victoria Prince) is due any time now with her second child, Kevin Federline’s sixth.  Last week she showed off her “almost ready” baby bump and today she got fans excited after she shared the photo above, writing “A little touch of purple to liven’ up the hospital room  #thefedz.”

Is Victoria in labor and at the hospital to give birth?  It turns out..not yet!  After fans started asking if it was baby time, she wrote, “Not yet but someday soon… Sorry for the confusion.”  Regardless, we’re keeping an eye on their Twitter pages for any updates!  Baby Federline is going to be here any day now!

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Shares New Sonogram Photo Of Her Drama-Queen-In-Training


Like mother, like daughter?  Reality star JWoww (aka Jenni Farley) is expecting her first child, a baby girl, with her fiance Roger MatthewsJenni went in for an ultrasound this week and shared that her daughter is already a bit of a drama queen in training.

JWoww shared the ultrasound photo and wrote “OMG! How adorable is this new ultrasound picture of my baby with her hand on her head being overdramatic!??? OBSESSED with her!!!”

Jenni also admitted this week that her pregnancy craving has been Subway sandwiches.  She joked “Subway should hire me to replace Jared LMAO! I seriously live there at this point. I’ve become so obsessed since I’ve become pregnant! #judgementfreehaters.”

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Having A Fit Pregnancy, But Enjoying Dessert Daily


kristin cavallari e! oscar countdown

Kristin Cavallari is expecting a second son with husband Jay Cutler.  She dished at a post-Oscar event on Sunday night about counting down the days until the arrival of baby #2.  Kristin talked fitness and chocolate – daily chocolate to be exact!

Kristin shared that she’s not skimping when it comes to chocolatey goodness and desserts. “I crave sweet things, but it’s no different than when I’m not pregnant. I pretty much have dark chocolate every day because I don’t think it’s bad for you, and we get this coconut bliss ice cream made with coconut milk.  I’ll eat that a lot. It’s amazing. When we go out to eat, Jay and I always get dessert. He has a sweet tooth, as well.”

How does she keep her amazing figure while eating desserts?  “I’m eating the same I normally do, and I’m working out but I’m not killing myself. I just don’t use it as an excuse to go crazy, I guess. I’ve been doing videos at home and I’ve been doing lots of squats and lunges and really trying to focus on my legs and my butt.”

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