Reveals She’s In Her Third Trimester Already!

More Cebs at The 5th Annual QVC Red Carpet Style in Beverly Hills

Actress Jenna Fischer has been keeping her second pregnancy a secret for many months!  Jenna have just announced her pregnancy to the media, but she revealed on the red carpet last week that she’s almost in her last trimester already!  She also dished on cravings and spending time with her family.

Jenna confesses, “I’m almost in my third trimester, so we’re in the homestretch already. I know the news just came out, but it’s old news to us!”

The former star of The Office says she’s enjoying her no work schedule right now, “I’m taking a good amount of time off right now to be a mom and grow my family, so I’m really just looking forward to getting to do that.”

On her pregnancy cravings: “It’s been all fruits or crisp vegetables or salads. I’ve been eating a salad a day — if I could have salad all of the time, I would love it!”  Sounds like a very healthy pregnancy! Good for her!

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Shows Off Newborn Daughter Cai MyAnna Dukes And Post-Baby Body!



“Shameless” star Shanola Hampton welcomed her daughter Cai MyAnna Dukes less than two months ago.  The actress is now sharing her bundle of cute with her fans!  Shanola posted this sweet photo on her Instagram this week.  She writes “6 weeks ago I found true love! Say hello to my baby, Cai Dukes!”

Shanola also showed off her amazingly tiny post-baby body this week.  The celebrity mom had to attend a dinner party for work and shared a snap before she headed out and she looked incredible!  Shanola shared, “Ready for dinner with the boss and some awesome #Shameless supporters! #Showtime #Blackhalo.”  I wish we all bounced back that quickly and fabulously!  Wow!  Go Shanola!


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Out And About With Pregnant Wife Emma

 Exclusive... Bruce Willis & Pregnant Emma Run Errands

Celebrity dad Bruce Willis and his wife Emma Heming were on the go in West Hollywood today. It was recently announced that Bruce and Emma are expecting their second child together.  They already share a daughter, Mabel Ray, who was along for the outing this afternoon.  Emma looked uber chic in her torn boyfriend style jeans, ballet flats and a white button down shirt.

This will be Bruce’s fifth child and Emma’s second.  Bruce is also dad to daughters Tallulah, Rumer, and Scout from ex-wife Demi Moore.

Random bit of trivia about Emma: she’s very good friends with Brandi Glanville from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  I was reading Brandi’s first book “Drinking & Tweeting” and she mentions it when she’s talking about her close friend meeting her soulmate (Bruce).  It was really sweet but totally caught me off guard.

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Feels She’ll Be The Perfect Teacher For Her Daughter

Nicole Richie at The 5th Annual QVC Red Carpet Style in Beverly Hills

Kendra Wilkinson is gearing up for the arrival of her second child, a baby girl, in less than two months.  The reality star dished recently that she’s a perfect teacher for her daughter and can’t wait to help mold her into whatever she’s going to be.

Kendra shared that her own experience is going to come in handy. “Getting the chance to have this challenge and this little person. You know, I lived my life as a young girl and as a young woman. I feel like I know the key, and I feel like I wouldn’t have another kid if I didn’t feel like I had the key to life. I feel like having a girl is it and that it’s meant to be and I am up for the challenge.”

The mom of one says she doesn’t want a lot of pressure her on daughter. “Do I want her to be herself, find herself, and not feel so much pressure? Yes. I feel like I have the key for her to do that. I feel like I am the perfect teacher for a young girl and for young girls everywhere. Even for my neighbors, I am like their life coach; I give them advice for life and they listen. “

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In Labor? Shares Snap Referencing Hospital!


Victoria Federline (aka Victoria Prince) is due any time now with her second child, Kevin Federline’s sixth.  Last week she showed off her “almost ready” baby bump and today she got fans excited after she shared the photo above, writing “A little touch of purple to liven’ up the hospital room  #thefedz.”

Is Victoria in labor and at the hospital to give birth?  It turns out..not yet!  After fans started asking if it was baby time, she wrote, “Not yet but someday soon… Sorry for the confusion.”  Regardless, we’re keeping an eye on their Twitter pages for any updates!  Baby Federline is going to be here any day now!

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