Holly Madison Shares Son’s Smiling Sonogram Snapshot

holly madison and daughterHolly Madison got quite a sonogram photo of her baby boy, who’s due to make his grand arrival this month! She’s also getting her three-year-old daughter, Rainbow, ready for her new role as big sister.

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Olivia Wilde Jokes That She Looks “Like Homer Simpson Ate Little Miss Sunshine”

olivia wildeAt least Olivia Wilde is keeping a sense of humor about her baby bump as she works on her maternity style! She joked about her look online.

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Blake Lively Makes Concessions For Maternity Style

blake livelyBlake Lively posted this fun photo of herself online. In her caption for the picture, she makes it clear that she has made some concessions in her style as her pregnancy progresses.

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Mila Kunis Says Her 2nd Pregnancy Is Very Different

Exclusive... Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Take Wyatt To A Park
Mila Kunis
is pregnant with her second child! Although she isn’t new to pregnancy, she said this pregnancy is completely different than her first pregnant with her daughter Wyatt, who’s now 21 months old, so it wasn’t that long ago that Mila was pregnant the last time.

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