Hilaria Baldwin Hits Back At Critics Over Her Activity Post-Baby

hilaria-baldwinHilaria Baldwin wasted no time becoming active after giving birth to her third child. The photo above was one she posted after going for her first post-childbirth RUN. Apparently, some of her Instagram followers weren’t happy about her starting to work out so soon after giving birth. Hilaria had a response for them.

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Blake Lively, Amy Schumer & Katie Holmes Speak Out Against Girls’ Life Magazine

girls-life-magazine-boys-life-magazineHave you been following the controversy over Girls’ Life magazine? Katherine Young is a design professional who wasn’t very happy when she saw a comparison of Girls’ Life magazine vs Boys’ Life magazine. Now even celebrities like Amy Schumer as well as celeb moms Blake Lively and Katie Holmes, who have daughters themselves, are speaking up against the covers.

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