Rihanna Is Spoiling Adele’s Newborn Son With Cute Baby Gifts

It looks like Rihanna really wants to be everyone’s favorite aunt in the celebrity world! The chart topper has reportedly sent Adele cute custom-made oneies for her baby boy. And it looks like Rihanna didn’t forget to get something a little extra special for the new mom, too.

According to The Sun, the Someone Like You singer’s son – who was born ten days ago – received two babygros from RiRi featuring the slogans “My mum is a rockstar” and “Just done nine months inside.” So sweet! And from what we’re hearing, she also set Adele some saucy lingerie with a note saying, “You gotta stay sexy, yummy mummy. Enjoy yourself. Congrats!!!”

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Ryan Gosling Believes In Marriage Before Babies

We’ve got some news for you ladies. Ryan Gosling is a traditional man, meaning he wants to get married before he starts having babies and a family. Here’s what we’re reading from Star Magazine:

Just a couple of months ago, Star reported that Eva Mendes was upset that Ryan Gosling didn’t want to have a baby with her. But now he not only wants to have a child, he wants them to get married first!

“Ryan believes in marital commitment before children,” says an insider. “But Eva doesn’t support the institution of marriage. She’s very outspoken about it.”

Still, the 38-year-old knows her babymaking years are on the wane, and she’d love a child.

“She considering caving and actually proposing to Ryan on their one-year anniversary in September,” the source says.

OMG. Does this not make you love Ryan even more? Talk about being the most sensitive guy in Hollywood, right?

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Rosario Dawson Has Babies On The Mind

It looks like we have another Hollywood celebrity here with babies on the mind! Actress Rosario Dawson is already thinking about the future and says that when it’s her time to start a family, she won’t be acting anymore. She tells Latina Magazine:

“I won’t be able to act anymore. I’ll just be focused on trying to make the world a better place for my baby.”

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Update: Ashton Kutcher Is Holding Off On His Baby Plans

According to a rumor, Ashton Kutcher was apparently ready to settle down and quit his partying ways as he was looking to start a family with his girlfriend Mila Kunis soon. Now sources close to the actor say that’s simply not true and that he is holding off on his baby plans.

Here’s what Holly Baby write:

A Two and a Half Men source told HollyBaby.com EXCLUSIVELY that while Ashton does want to be a father one day, and he is enjoying his time with Mila, he is still a few years away from making that commitment.

As much as Ashton wants his own kids, he wants to take things slow with Mila. She is in no hurry to settle down, and he doesn’t want to scare her off since the relationship is going so well, the source said.

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Bruce Willis Calling His Daughters “Spoiled And Selfish” For Turning On Their Mom

Whoa. It looks like Bruce Willis is putting his foot down on his three daughters for not speaking to their mother, Demi Moore. Form what we’ve heard, the three Willis sisters – Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah – have cut off communication from their mother until she gets herself back together. But according to dad Bruce, he thinks the girls are being “spoiled and selfish” for not helping out their mother when she needs it most. Here’s what we’re reading from Star Magazine:

Since Rumer, 23, Scout, 21, and Tallulah, 18, distanced themselves from their mom to get away from her emotional meltdowns, Bruce has let them know their behavior is unacceptable. “Bruce is very disappointed in them, and he’s been calling them spoiled and selfish. He doesn’t understand why they are turning on their mom when, for the most part, she’s been an incredibly supportive parent.”

The girls supported Demi through the split from Ashton Kutcher and her stay inrehab, but now they feel she should get it together on her own. Bruce, however, feels differently. “He thinks they are being way too hard on Demi,” says the source. “He still really loves her, but he has a new wife and baby to look after so it’s not as though he can do much for her.” But Bruce has a trump card to bring the girls in line: Shape up or no more allowance. “If he cuts them off, they will all be in serious trouble. None of them has money saved, and they all rely on Bruce and Demi to pay their bills. The sad thing is this means that Demi’s girls have to be paid to be nice to her.

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