Michael Phelps First Retirement Photo With Boomer!

michael phelps, nicole miller & boomer phelpsOlympic competition for swimming is over in Rio, and the swimmers are wasting no time in going back home! That turned out to be a very good thing for Ryan Lochte, given that a Brazilian judge issued an order to hold his passport so he could be questioned further about his claims that he was robbed at gunpoint after he had returned to the US, but Michael Phelps is also home. Guess where he went to hang out with his family as soon as they returned?

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Scott Porter Shares His Son’s Latest Milestone


Former Hart of Dixie actor Scott Porter is one proud dad.  Ever since the arrival of his son McCoy he can’t stop gushing over him on Instagram and it’s the cutest thing ever!

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Boomer Phelps Enjoying Olympics With Dad Michael Phelps

boomer phelpsThe Rio Olympics have been historic for swimmer Michael Phelps. He isn’t the only one in the Phelps family who seems to be having a good time: so is his baby boy, Boomer Phelps, and his fiance, Nicole Johnson, and mother, Deborah Phelps.

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Mario Lopez & Tiffani Thiessen ‘Saved By The Bell’ Reunion With Daughters

mario lopez & tiffani thiessen & daughtersThis must’ve been a fun moment for former ‘Saved By The Bell’ co-stars Mario Lopez and Tiffani Thiessen! They both attended the premiere of the Disney film ‘Pete’s Dragon’ with their daughters and ended up seated close to each other in the theater. They were close enough to snap this selfie!

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Katherine Heigl Shares Best Pregnancy Advice She’s Received

katherine heiglKatherine Heigl has a lot going on these days: she’s pregnant and has a new show on CBS called ‘Doubt.’ Add in the fact that this baby will join her two older daughters, making her a mom of three, and you know Katherine is probably on the go all the time- LOL.

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