Rachel Zoe Takes A Manhattan Stroll With Skyler

Look who’s walking!  The sight of Skyler Berman taking a walk with his mom, celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, is just too cute!

Rachel and Skyler were snapped leaving the Trump Soho together and heading out onto the streets of NYC.

Photos by Fameflynet

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Elton John Wants To Have More Kids

It looks like music legend Elton John might be getting serious about expanding his family. He recently revealed that he would like a sibling for his son, Zachary, who he shares with his partner, David Furnish. He tells People Magazine:

“I think it’s difficult to be an only child, and to be an only child of someone famous. I want him to have a sibling so he has someone to be with.”

He adds:

“I know when he goes to school there’s going to be an awful lot of pressure, and I know he’s going to have people saying, ‘You don’t have a mummy. It’s going to happen. We talked about it before we had him. I want someone to be at his side and back him up. We shall see.”

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Bethenny Frankel And Her Daughter Hang Out In Beverly Hills

Reality star Bethenny Frankel is spending some time in L.A. while she prepares for her new talk show.  Today Bethenny and her daughter Bryn Hoppy were spotted in Beverly Hills, playing at a park together.

Did you catch the Bethenny Ever After season finale last night?  What’d you think? Are you hoping there will be another season of her show?

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Chace Crawford Shows Off His Nephew Hawkins Romo

Proud uncle Chace Crawford showed off his new nephew, Hawkins, over the weekend.  Hawkins is the son of Tony Romo and Candice Crawford, born less than two months ago.  He shared on Instagram:

“Hawkins is sleeping, how cute :)”


Photos by Chace’s Twitter/Instagram

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Jillian Michaels Opens Up About Her Son’s Birth



Jillian Michaels shares the helpless feelings she endured while watching her partner, Heidi Rhoades, give birth to their son Phoenix earlier this month.

Heidi endured 27 hours of labor and then wound up having to undergo a C-Section.  Jillian shared with People magazine:

“The whole thing about Phoenix being born was hard.  Watching her was awful.  You can’t relieve the person. You can’t do it for them. You just have to stand there and watch.”

When Phoenix was just a few days old, Jillian got the call that Lukensia was ready to come home.

“We were both sobbing hysterically.  Our son was only four days old, but our daughter needed to come home.”

Exciting times for the new family!  They’re going to have one busy summer!


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