Are They Ready For A Baby?

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It looks like we might have another celebrity bump watch on our hands… or not! According to the rumor mill, John Krasinski is desperate to finally become a father while his wife Emily Blunt is not so keen on getting pregnant, although she is considering adoption. Here’s what we’re reading:

John Krasinski won’t be on diaper duty anytime soon – because his wife, Emily Blunt, refuses to get pregnant! While Emily, 30, and John, 33, seem to be the picture of Hollywood bliss, sources say they’re at odds over starting a family.

“John is desperate for a child,” a source tells Star. “But Emily is afraid. Her mom had a very difficult pregnancy and she’s convinced she’ll have the same.”

But all hope is not lost: friends say they might adopt next year.

Either way, we really hope John and Emily think about starting a family soon because they are one of our favorite celebrity couples from Hollywood. They would make such great parents, too!

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Rumor: Does Demi Moore Want To Adopt A Baby?

There have been a lot of rumors surrounding Demi Moore and her recent breakdown, and now there are some that suggest she is willing to become a mother again. The actress, who turns 50 in November, is said to be feeling a bit lonely now that her three daughters refuse to talk to her until she “seeks help” and because of that wants to adopt a baby. Oh boy!

Here’s what a source close to Demi tells Star Magazine:

“She really wanted to adopt a child with Ashton, but he wasn’t up to it. Now that she’s single and can make her own choices, she’s seriously looking into it. With the state of mind she’s in, the last thing Demi needs is another child. She feels abandoned, but she has to realize that she can’t just replace her own children by going out and getting new ones — it isn’t that easy.”

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Holly Madison Wants To Adopt A Child

It looks like Holly Madison is ready to start a family! The former Playboy Playmate has announced her plans to adopt a child.

“I’ve started the adoption process … I really want to be a mommy,” Holly, 33, tells In Touch Weekly. Holly, who admits she’s already planning nursery themes, tells In Touch the adoptionmentoring service Hold My Hand is helping her in the lengthy process to secure a child from either Africa or South Korea.

Holly faults her trying schedule, which is jam-packed with events and theater roles, as the main reason she doesn’t have a bundle of joy just yet. We’re crossing ours fingers for Holly that she’ll be able to become a mother real soon!

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Queen Latifah Talks Adoption

Queen Latifah, who stars in the new movie ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift’, has always been open about her desire to adopt.  She reiterates that this morning by telling Barbara Walters:

“I’m actually kind of working on that.”

She says her desire came from a TV special: “I think I saw one of those specials… you know those movies of the week. And it was like… I just always wanted to bring a child home.”

Queen Latifah also joked, “So if you got a kid that you don’t (want)… Just give me a year – let me set up camp and send me the kid!”


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Katherine Heigl And Josh Kelley Welcome Baby #2!

Actress Katherine Heigl and her husband, musician Josh Kelley, have welcomed their second child together!  The celebrities are proud parents to another baby girl through adoption.  Her rep shared the new happy news with People.

“Yes they have adopted a baby. No further details [are available] at this time.”

Katherine has always been very passionate about adoption, as her own sister was adopted from Korea. This played a part in her decision to adopt daughter Naleigh from South Korea.

Congrats to them!


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