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I would never have considered myself to be a car person. Then two years ago I met a man who owned an ’85 Mercedes that needed a little work. And ever since I have spent entire afternoons enjoying such car person tasks as taking apart a muffler and dismantling a door panel.

 Chevy Urban Style

So, when I was invited along with a select group of bloggers to view the reimagined and redesigned Chevy Impala on May 8th at the Chevy Urban Styleevent at MILK Studios in Manhattan, I could not help but feel that I might be the only woman there who would have done such things.
Impala dashboard
Much to my surprise and delight I was far from the only car savvy woman in the room. That night I met two extraordinary women instrumental in creating the new Impala: Crystal Windham and Kara Gordon. Crystal (pictured below) is the first African American Director of Interior Design for Chevrolet Cars and Small Crossovers and she led the team of designers, sculptors, digital sculptors and studio engineers in creating the new Impala. After I noticed the distinctive stitching along the seams of the dashboard (pictured above) and how they mimic those of a leather bag, I had a chance to chat with Crystal about the similarities between being a car designer and a clothing designer.
Crystal Windham
Kara Gordon is the Lead Acoustic Noise Engineer for the Chevy Impala responsible for ensuring that the car is replete with cleverly hidden noise blanketing materials that ensure a quiet interior. Inspired by her own experience in a car when she could not her son in the back seat telling her that the seat belt would not work, Kara (pictured below with me) has dedicated her career to improving this under appreciated aspect of car design.
It was very inspiring to meet two such strong women dominating a man’s domain while spearheading the execution of an American classic. Maybe next time I need to rebuild the Mercedes’ engine to catch up to them.
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Written by Allison Toombs

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