Makes Mom-Dressing Chic!


There’s no denying the distinct beauty of Matthew McConaughey‘s wife, Camila. But as a mother of three little ones (Levi— 5, Vida–3, and Livingston–9 months), it’ always amazes us how chic she looks!

The model and mom sat down with People mag at the Sunday premiere of Free Birds in LA, letting them know how her style has evolved as a mom:

“I would never normally mix this many colors together. At this point, I’m just trying to have more fun with my fashion.” And would you guess who her favorite stylist team is? “The kids have a lot to say on that…They actually chose this outfit.”

We love it! Do you let your little ones help pick out your outfits?


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Camila McConaughey
Not Worried About Her Changing Body

The Novak Djokovic Foundation New York Dinner

After giving birth to three kids (Levi, Vida and Livingston), celebrity mom Camila McConaughey is perfectly content with her changing body and the addition of a few curves.

Camila shared that getting older and giving birth three times has changed her from that 20 year old body she once had.  “My waist used to be tiny. I just saw a picture of Miley Cyrus with a little crop top and low pants and I’m like that was me growing up in Brazil!  I had the typical model body. But after babies it changed. I look more like a woman. Even Matthew has seen that change in me and he’s completely okay with it. It’s evolution.”

Camila reveals that being healthy is much more important to her now.  “The mistake that women make these days is trying to chase their youth. In my 20s I wanted to be hot, now I want to be healthy.”

I think that comes with getting older and wiser.  What’s important to us changes so much with each passing year!

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Love To Be On The Move With Their Family

The Novak Djokovic Foundation New York Dinner

Camila and Matthew McConaughey have a busy lifestyle that includes a lot of travel.  The celebrity parents embrace their gypsy livin’ and go wherever work may take them.

During the presentation of her new collection of MUXO handbags, Camila shared, “Home is the road. We’re a traveling circus.”  She says the kids are benefiting from the adventurous life.   “Levi and Vida get to see and experience so much culture. We call ourselves the trailblazers.”

I have to admit that it’d be a lot of fun to be able to travel and experience new things and expose kids to so much of the world!


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And Our Mom Quote Of The Day!


“The main thing to always remember — and I think it’s important — you and your partner came first before the kids. So even if it’s taking a night here or a day there or a weekend, it’s just very important to do.”

Isn’t that the truth! With three kids in the house, I’m sure Camila Alves knows how hard it is to get away with your significant other from time to time, but she is totally right in what she says here. Everyone needs a date night once in awhile or just a little “me” time, too even at times when it seems almost impossible.

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