Shows Off Newborn Daughter Cai MyAnna Dukes And Post-Baby Body!



“Shameless” star Shanola Hampton welcomed her daughter Cai MyAnna Dukes less than two months ago.  The actress is now sharing her bundle of cute with her fans!  Shanola posted this sweet photo on her Instagram this week.  She writes “6 weeks ago I found true love! Say hello to my baby, Cai Dukes!”

Shanola also showed off her amazingly tiny post-baby body this week.  The celebrity mom had to attend a dinner party for work and shared a snap before she headed out and she looked incredible!  Shanola shared, “Ready for dinner with the boss and some awesome #Shameless supporters! #Showtime #Blackhalo.”  I wish we all bounced back that quickly and fabulously!  Wow!  Go Shanola!


Photos by Instagram