Britney & Kevin Reach A Divorce Settlement

Britney and Kevin in happier times…

Britney Spears

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline reached a divorce settlement Thursday.

“The parties signed a global settlement on all issues of their marriage and the custody of the children,” Michael Sands, a spokesman for Kevin’s attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan, tells People magazine.

The deal was worked out in five-hour meeting in the Los Angeles high-rise offices of Britney’s attorney. At the table were Britney and Kevin, along with Britney’s lawyer Laura Wasser and Kevin’s counsel Kaplan and Jim Simon. During a smoking break downstairs, Britney met with Kevin for 15 minutes.

The terms were not revealed. A judge will still have to sign off on the agreement.

The deal comes just days after Britney left rehab on March 20.

Britney and Kevin wed in September 2004 in a surprise ceremony and soon settled into a Malibu mansion.

The couple had two sons, Sean Preston in September 2005 and Jayden James almost a exactly a year later.

Not long after their second son was born, trouble signs appeared in their marriage, with Britney missing many of Kevin’s promotional appearances for his poorly received hip-hop album Playing With Fire.

Britney filed for divorce on November 7th, 2006, citing irreconcilable differences. In a temporary agreement, Britney had custody of the boys with three days of visitation for Kevin.

Britney began months of hard-partying in New York, Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, hooking up for a time with Paris Hilton. Britney initially defended her partying as long-overdue fun, but by January, her manager acknowledged she was having a rocky moment.

After a wild weekend in which she shaved her head, Britney entered rehab at Promises in Malibu, where she stayed for about four weeks. Kevin, who watched the boys during her treatment, declined to return custody to Britney until he was satisfied with her follow-through to rehab, a source says.


Britney's Mother Begging Her To Stop Getting Tattoos

Britney was snapped making her second visit to celebrity dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman (for either the Zoom whitening procedure or for treatment of pain in one of her molars) in LA yesterday.

Britney Spears

Here Britney was snapped leaving the Millennium Dance Studios on March 26th holding a Kabbalah book and sporting one of those reverse French manicures.

Britney Spears

I think that Britney’s fairy tattoo (it is on the middle of her lower back) is really pretty and cute! Click here for more on Britney’s fascinating tattoos!
Britney Spears

But Britney’s family are concerned about her obsession with

Reportedly, Britney has had a number of new etchings since leaving rehab last
week, and her mother Lynne is begging her to stop.

A source revealed: “Britney is using tattoos as a form of self-expression.

She has had at least two new ones in the last few weeks and wants more.

“Her mother managed to dissuade her from having angel wings on her back but
she fears she will soon do something she might regret later.”


And interestingly, the Sherman Oaks studio where Britney Spears was tattooed on February 16th has been inundated with new customers since Britney’s infamous impromptu visit.

Britney went to the Body and Soul tattoo parlor in California’s San Fernando Valley, where she requested a pair of lips on her wrist and a cross on her lower abdomen after shaving her head bald.

Tattoo artist Max Scott says business is booming from all of the publicity surrounding Britney’ bizarre visit.

Max Scott tells US talk show host Larry King, “They’ve been knocking down the doors since Britney came through.

“There’s a lot of people that are just calling trying to get their daughters tattooed and friends.”

Max Scott says he is booked solid and expects requests for the same tattoo as Britney’s adding, “I would imagine that the new appointments have something to do with what she had done.”


Bedlum As Britney Goes To Worship

Britney Spears

I think that this is in the realm of the truly bizarre! I had no idea that churches even had security guards…much less ones who were packing heat!

Britney Spears

The above is the terrifying moment when a church security guard pulled a gun on a photographer trying to snap Britney Spears.

The undercover officer, a retired policeman, ran out of the Hollywood church, aimed his weapon and shouted: “Get out of your car, get down.”

He then handcuffed the photographer and accused him of trying to run over a traffic policeman before eventually releasing him.

It happened on Sunday as Britney, 25, left a service at the Bel Air Presbyterian Church.

“When her 4X4 came out officers stopped the traffic, let her go ahead and held paparazzi back,” said one witness.

“One photographer tried to get past and suddenly two undercover security guards ran out into the street. The photographer looked terrified. It’s not what you expect to see outside a church service.”

Mike Hooper, executive director of the church, said: “One photographer was on the wrong side of the road and tried to run over an officer who had stopped traffic.

He kept coming and one of our guards pulled a gun out. I cannot speak for the security officer, but he does not regret it. This is a church, not a concert.”


Bill Clinton Supports Britney!

Bill Clinton spoke out about the media frenzy surrounding Britney Spears, saying, “I think there’s something wrong with modern culture if Britney Spears – who I happen to like – can’t have a personal crisis without having it splashed all over the tabloids.” Bill Clinton rocks!
Britney Spears
Her dress is gorgeous!