Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Want Daughter Shiloh To Stop Sucking Her Thumb

It’s a habit that most kids go through, but it seems like celebrity parents Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are ready to have their daughter grow out of it and fast, too. According to the National Enquirer, the Hollywood duo are trying to convince Shiloh to stop sucking her thumb and have even resulted in bribery to help her, too!

Here’s what a source tells the tabloid mag:

“Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are desperate to break their daughter Shiloh of thumb-sucking because it can cause long-term emotional and physical problems. Shilohturns 6 in May, and experts say she should have outgrown the habit long ago.”

“They’re offering her big incentives to quit. Brad told Shiloh that he’d take her on a special daddy-daughter weeklong camping trip if she stops.”

We’re sure she’ll be able to kick the habit soon, especially if she gets to go on a camping trip with her famous dad!

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Taraji P. Henson Says Brad Pitt Is A Great Father

Brad Pitt‘s “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” co-star Taraji P. Henson has nothing but words of praise for the father-of-six. The actress recalls how Brad was both an attentive and caring father for his kids while the two of them worked together on their film.

Taraji tells Us Weekly:

“I met his kids while we were working on the film. He brought them to set sometimes. It was cute! He would bring them one at a time so they got some time to hang with him alone and get individual attention.”

“He’s an amazing dad. Shiloh was still little then, and the kids were very sweet and polite on set.”

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Friends Say They Are “Terrified” Of The Jolie-Pitt Kids

Sources close to the Jolie-Pitt family say they are worried about the kids’ health and hygiene and are just down right terrified of them! And it seems like parents Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have no clue about it!

According to OK! Magazine, a source says that the children sometimes get so unruly, that it’s difficult to tame them let alone go near them. The magazine reports the source as saying:

“There’s not much any of us can do but sit and watch,” a pal says. “The kids are all goofed up on sugar, and after Shiloh has five cookies in a row and Maddox downs his third orange Fanta, it’s crazy hour. That’s what we call it: Crazy Hour. Toys fly. Kids melt down into tantrums. There’s fighting, it’s just a zoo.”

Oh no! It sounds like the Jolie-Pitt kids might need a little change in their diet. That, or some quiet time with their parents. What do you think?

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Brad Pitt Hoping One Of His Kids Will Be An Architect

It’s no secret that Brad Pitt has a passion for architecture and he’s hoping that will rub off on one of his six children.  The father of Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox shared with Ellen DeGeneres:

”I think I got one [into architecture]. Yeah, I’m pushing them that way. When you see them drawing crayon houses, ‘That’s a beautiful house, honey.’ Just keep pushing them.”

Brad is currently working on an update/promo for his ‘Make it Right’ project which has helped to rebuild homes in Hurricane Katrina-ravaged areas of the lower 9th ward in New Orleans.


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