Michael Phelp’s Son Boomer Practices His Best “Phelps Face” (Video)

michael phelps's son boomerAfter making history at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, swimmer Michael Phelps is making the interview rounds. He didn’t go alone: Boomer (and, I’m sure, his fiancee Nicole) tagged along.

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Michael Phelps On Post-Olympics Life

michael phelps and son boomerMichael Phelps told reporters after participating in his final event at the Olympics (and adding another gold medal to his collection) that while this was the end of a major phase of his life, a new one was beginning that involved marrying fiancee Nicole Johnson and being a father to his son Boomer. Now that he’s home in Arizona, he’s reflecting on the beginning of his post-Olympics life.

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Michael Phelps First Retirement Photo With Boomer!

michael phelps, nicole miller & boomer phelpsOlympic competition for swimming is over in Rio, and the swimmers are wasting no time in going back home! That turned out to be a very good thing for Ryan Lochte, given that a Brazilian judge issued an order to hold his passport so he could be questioned further about his claims that he was robbed at gunpoint after he had returned to the US, but Michael Phelps is also home. Guess where he went to hang out with his family as soon as they returned?

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Boomer Phelps Enjoying Olympics With Dad Michael Phelps

boomer phelpsThe Rio Olympics have been historic for swimmer Michael Phelps. He isn’t the only one in the Phelps family who seems to be having a good time: so is his baby boy, Boomer Phelps, and his fiance, Nicole Johnson, and mother, Deborah Phelps.

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Boomer Congratulates Daddy Michael Phelps

boomer phelpsMichael Phelps has already made history at the Rio Olympics after winning a record 21 Olympic medals on Tuesday night. All of us are cheering him on, but I’m sure this is his #1 fan: his son Boomer Phelps!

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