Blake Lively Makes Concessions For Maternity Style

blake livelyBlake Lively posted this fun photo of herself online. In her caption for the picture, she makes it clear that she has made some concessions in her style as her pregnancy progresses.

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Blake Lively Shares Strategy For Staying Cool During Her Summer Pregnancy & Daughter’s Adult Vocabulary (Video)

blake livelyI don’t envy Blake Lively having to be pregnant during this HOT summer. She’s expecting baby #2. While she may be looking as fashionable as ever, despite her baby bump, she admitted that it’s a bit of a challenge to stay cool in this heat.

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Blake Lively Dishes On Getting Glam With A Baby Bump

blake livelyWe’ve all been watching Blake Lively as she’s promoted her new movie, ‘The Shallows,’ looking as glamorous as ever despite rocking a baby bump. She admitted she’s still having fun dressing up!

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Blake Lively Maternity Style: Love It Or Hate It?

blake livelyBlake Lively has been EVERYWHERE over the past couple of weeks. She’s promoting her new movie, ‘The Shallows,’ which hits theaters today. I’ve always loved her sense of style, and I don’t feel any differently about her strategies for dressing her baby bump. She’s got an impressive maternity style!

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Blake Lively Keeps Her Baby Bump Chic

blake livelyBlake Lively is busy doing press for her new movie, ‘The Shallows.’ She’s one of the only women I’ve known who can make styling a baby bump look easy!

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