Video: Let’s Talk Crazy Celebrity Baby Names!

With everyone buzzing about Uma Thurman’s announcement of her daughter’s realllly long name, it reminds us just how interesting some celebrity baby names can be!

Celebrity baby names get a little more unique with each passing year!  From Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter Apple to Jason Lee naming his son Pilot Inspektor to Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Blue Ivy! It’s no secret that celebrities love to stray from traditional baby names.

What are your favorite celebrity baby names? Which one do you think it’s the most original?  Which one is just too “out there” for you?


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Jay-Z Shoots Down The ‘Beyonce Is Pregnant Again’ Rumors

Rumors have been running rampant that Beyonce and Jay-Z may be expecting their second child togetherBeyonce’s mom denying the rumors, nor even Beyonce drinking alcohol recently on a night out have been able to quiet down the speculation.  But Jay-Z put the brakes on the story last night at an event at his 40/40 club in NYC.  He tells E!:

“Are you having another baby?”

“Tonight?” Jay-Z quipped. “No.”

“What about in nine months?”

“Not in nine months,” Jay said. “Absolutely not.”

But before then? What about in seven or eight months?

“No,” Jay said. “Not in one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight or nine months.”

Obviously it’s possible that Jay-Z and Beyonce are just denying so they can keep it private for now, but I’m going to believe him and put my bet on “not pregnant”.  What do you think?

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Rumor: Is Beyonce Pregnant With Baby #2?

It looks like Beyonce might have another baby on board! Rumor has it that the chart topper might be pregnant with her second child, and only nine months after her first baby, Blue Ivy was born.

Here’s what we’re reading from Hollywood Life:

Beyonce showed up to La Marina restaurant on Sept. 23 in the Washington Heights neighborhood of NYC in a tight-fitting leopard dress that showed off her new baby bump, and has the exclusive details!

The usually trim and fit R&B superstar arrived at the restaurant with her husband Jay-Z, and witnesses immediately noticed a small bump visible. A source close to the A-list couple told EXCLUSIVELY that she is in fact expecting!

Beyonce’s rep also said to, ”I do not comment on her personal life.”

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Beyonce Says She And Jay-Z Love To Change Diapers

According to celebrity mom Beyonce, the best part of motherhood is of course, changing diapers. The chart topper along with her husband Jay-Z say their is no doubt that that’s the part of the job they love most. She tells Anderson Cooper on his talk show:

“Actually, [Jay-Z] is very good. We both [change diapers]. I love changing diapers, I love it. I love every moment of it, it’s so beautiful. I love it all.”

Beyonce also says that she and Jay-Z oftentimes sing lullabies to their baby girl as well, saying, “I make up actually a lot of crazy, corny songs.”

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Jay-Z And Beyonce Continue To Vacation With Blue Ivy

I just love seeing this celebrity family together! Celebrity parents Jay-Z and Beyonce were spotted doing as they were on board a megayacht in the South of France with their adorable daughter, Blue Ivy, on Thursday afternoon.

The happy couple looked rather relaxed on top of their yacht before going to the beach for drinks where they were spotted sharing a kiss. Ten years later and these two are still crazy for each other. They are just too cute! Tell us Babyrazzi readers, how are you ending the end of summer this year?

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