Bonding At The Zoo

beyonce & blue ivyLOVE Beyonce’s selfies! She’s careful not to show Blue Ivy’s face, yet the pictures are STILL adorable. According to People, Beyonce and Blue Ivy were checking out the animals at the Dublin Zoo in this Instagram pic.

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Joins The #BanBossy Campaign

ban bossy videoHave you heard about the #BanBossy campaign? It’s a campaign that encourages leadership skills in girls. The idea is that while boys are encouraged to be assertive, girls are criticized for it by being called “bossy.” The result is that by the time girls enter middle school, they’re much less likely to be interested in leadership.

Beyonce is one of the celebs who’s in the video below. Jennifer Garner and ‘Glee’ star Jane Lynch are in it too. Yet this isn’t limited to Hollywood. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is in the video, along with former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, and a lot of other powerful women, too. Are you ready to join the #BanBossy campaign?

Ladies In Red

blue carter ivy

Another beach vacay for another celeb family! Beyonce posted these pics on her website. I want to BE THERE, wherever they are. Doesn’t the background alone look gorgeous? Beyonce and Blue Ivy hold their own against the beautiful scenery. Don’t they look amazing in their matching swimsuits?

That picture of Blue Ivy is absolutely adorable. Of course Beyonce is mesmerizing. I’m sure they’re having an amazing time at whatever tropical paradise they’re enjoying. Summer will come… summer will come… If I keep repeating that to myself, I might actually start to believe it :).

Photos Courtesy of Beyonce

Psychics Predict Rihanna, Kim Kardashian And Beyonce Will Have Babies In 2014?

Beyonce Celebrates The Release Of Her Self-Titled Visual Album 'Beyonce'

Are you curious what the celebrity gossip headlines might be for 2014?  According to Hollywood Psychics, we can look forward to plenty more celebrity babies entering the world.  That’s great news for us!

65 professional psychics were surveyed and 77% agreed that Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce will all welcome new babies this year! Where they didn’t agree was on the subject of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.  Some believe they’ll tie the knot, while others predict they’ll call it quits this year!

69% of the psychics felt that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will NOT start trying for their second child, but will actually wait for another year or so.

What do you think?  Which celebs do you think will wind up pregnant this year?  Any celeb couples you think will breakup?

Photos by Fameflynet