Takes Son Beau For His First Flight


Actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler gave birth to her baby boy just two months ago and already he’s a jet setter!  Travel comes with the territory of Jamie’s busy career and little Beau Kyle is getting his first taste of flying.  Jamie-Lynn shared her son’s first experience with her followers.

The new mom shared of the trip, “Successful 1st flight! Take that snarky flight attendant who groaned when we walked on with a baby. @CutterDykstra #thankfulhepoopedbefore.”

Aww, it’s too bad that the flight attendant wasn’t excited to see a baby hop on board.  Do you dread a flight when you see babies and small kids boarding?  I think I’m more sympathetic to parents traveling with the children and do my best not to be “one of those” grumpy passengers.


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