Barry Manilow: ‘I Would Have Been A Rotten Parent’

Veteran singer Barry Manilow has no regrets about putting music ahead of his dreams of becoming a dad – because he would have been a “rotten parent”.

But the 67-year-old star, whose marriage to Susan Deixler was annulled in 1966, insists it’s too late in life to settle down and have kids – and he’s certain he made the right decision not to.  He explains,

“I thought it would either be the career or the family. I couldn’t do both. I knew I would be a rotten parent if I kept being on the road, making records, not being home. You hear it all the time… I made that choice not to do that.”

Instead, the “Mandy” hitmaker insists his fans have become like an extended family.  He adds,

“There are a lot of people in my life I hope I made a good impact on and that’s good enough for me.”

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