Prince Lionheart’s Innovative And Stylish Baby Products Are Amazing!

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I am excited to share with you a really great company with some amazing products. Prince Lionheart‘s products are truly innovative and stylish while really being that one-of-a-kind parenting solution that you are always looking for. There’s so many products on the market that look that same as everyone else. Prince Lionheart is different. They offer everything products in every category you need from nursery to bath & potty to feeding to safety and play. If you knee-deep in baby…diaper changing, potty training, seeking creative play ideas, trying to get baby to sleep, travel with the kids or feeding, I encourage you to check them out!

Check out some of their newest products! You’ll love how the colors and sleek design effortlessly match the decor of most homes without breaking the bank, and even celebrity mommies like Kim Kardashian and Pink can’t resist!

yoMOTO ride on toy

 Toddlers have so much energy to burn, and the brand new yoMOTO is the perfect ride on toy for little bodies.  The large button wheels offer easy maneuverability and maximum stability for little people to control.  The pedal free sleek body design makes it easy for new walkers to experience mobility without fear of toppling over.  Available with a U.S. or Prince Lionheart flag.  This toy will be released in October of 2013. Available at

yoMoto Ride

2-in-1 diaperDEPOT – $21.99

The 2-in-1 diaperDEPOT makes diaper changes a cinch!  When you consider how many diapers you change a day–efficiency and ease are invaluable.  Not only is it safer, quicker and more convenient, it also features a space to lock-in the Prince LionheartwipesWarmer. It also offers a unique three-in-one changing organizer & 2 removable side bins for toiletries. Easily stash 18-20 diapers in the organizer with plenty of room in the compartments for powders, ointments and the many other needs of a baby.  It can also be separated into two diaper stations so you can keep one upstairs and one downstairs. Also included is a detachable hook for hanging. Now if it could just make coffee!  It’s made right here in California from 100% recycled plastic.

Diaper Depot

wipesWARMER pop – $30

Make those middle-of-the-night diaper changes a wee bit more bearable for your sweet baby with the original and #1 wipes warmer in the world! The wipesWarmer pop! is the newest addition to the Prince Lionheart family. Featuring the patented Ever-Fresh System, the wipesWarmer pop keeps baby wipes fresh, moist and free from discoloration.

This revolutionary patented system features the Ever-Fresh pillow case that keeps the specially designed and patented micro pore pillow elevated and moist. The case also allows for extra space between the heat source and wipes, for enhanced moisture flow. The Wipes Warmer pop is also anti-microbial and non-browning. Fun, colorful and sleek. The wipesWARMER pop! is a great addition to any nursery! Available in pink, grey and green to color coordinate with baby’s nursery.

Wipe Warmer

weePOD toilet trainer – $12.99

Toilet training can be a long and painful process for some families. That is why Prince Lionheart created the weePOD® toilet trainer: toddlers love the look and feel of the cushiony seat while parents love the security and ease of use. weePOD® is treated with an EPA approved, anti-bacterial additive to inhibit the growth of microorganisms that may cause spoilage, odors and mildew.

weepod toilet

pottyPOD Basix – $16.99

When you have toddlers, there’s no questioning the necessity of a training potty. However, having a neon-colored, character-covered potty chair is not a necessity. We give you permission to choose one that is aesthetically pleasing to the adult eye. Presenting the pottyPOD Basix! It’s chic and modern and can fit right in with your bathroom décor. It’s also light weight, small enough for easy storage, has a slip resistant base and, better yet, at $16.99, it’s won’t break the bank!  Available in gumball green, flashbulb fuchsia and galactic grey.


There are so many amazing products, I can’t really mention them all here, so please go check out! If you are in the US, click here!

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Product Review:
Wipebox From Uber Mom

The Wipebox Package

What is an “Über Mom?”  Über means “over” and “above.”  It means “the best.”  The modern woman strives to achieve this in her personal and professional life, simultaneously. She pursues it through her wardrobe, her family, her body and her home.  “Über Mom” is more than our company name.  It is a lifestyle that we hope to facilitate through our embellishment of everyday products.

Princess Backpack PRINT

“The Wipebox” is worthy of a designer handbag at an affordable price.  The Wipebox was created out of the desire for a travel-size wipe container that is stylish and durable. The Wipebox mimics the European design with the bright colors and bold graphics. Wipes are a necessity for parents and young children on the go. The Wipebox can be refilled and kept anywhere – reusable, designer wipe container for your diaper bag, hand bag, school bag, gym or car for everyone.  Wipes are an essential part of everyone’s household and all of them come in disposable packages and containers.

Bow Box FB650

Wipebox is the newest and most uber chic container in the market today. Parents are always looking for the coolest finds and with this product you can choose between five colors and designs, depending on your taste. Such as: Green Football, Pink Crown, Aqua Bow, Orange Owl, Blue Turtle of the bundle package.

The goal of “The Wipebox” is to change the way that Americans purchase wipes and throw away the plastic. This will be even more apparent as new designs and sizes are launched.

MSRP $6.99. Available now on and specialty stores.

Handbag Owl FB

Check them out online:


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