Jessica Simpson’s Daughter Maxwell: Is That A Birthmark Or… An Angel Kiss?

By now we’re sure that everyone has seen the incredibly cute Twitpic of Jessica Simpson‘s daughter, Maxwell Drew, that her famous mother shared with her fans on her Twitter account this week. I just can’t get over how adorable Maxi is with those big eyes and pouty lips!

A lot of readers have also noticed that Maxi is sporting a birthmark on her forehead, or at least that’s what we think it is. The experts over at Baby Blog Center break it down to what the mark might be by saying:

“Stork bites,” “angel kisses,” salmon patches, and vascular stains: Blotchy pink or purple flat marks formed by dilated capillaries near the surface of the skin.

This is the most common type of birthmark, with up to 70 percent of babies having one or more. These birthmarks may become more noticeable when your baby cries or when there’s a change in temperature. The ones on the back of the neck, called stork bites, usually last into adulthood. The ones on the forehead or eyelids, called angel kisses, usually go away by age 2.

Tell us Babyrazzi readers, did your children have any birthmarks?

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