Is He Training To Be The Next Big Action Star?


Angelina Jolie better watch out because it looks like her son Maddox is ready to steal her spotlight with a leap into action movies! Maddox proudly displayed his well defined six pack while playing soccer recently and it seems he’s been putting in some serious training behind the scenes! (And working on his jumpkicks with his bodyguard, too!)

He’s currently slated to star in the big screen adaptation of a graphic novel “Battling Boy,” which his father Brad Pitt will be producing! The story is about the young son of a god who leaves home to fight monsters. Will Maddox someday be a movie martial arts legend like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan or Tony Jaa?

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Is She Forcing Her Children To Learn French?


It looks like this celebrity mom is determined to make her children bilingual! Rumor has it that during a recent outing in Los Angeles with her children, actress Angelina Jolie refused to talk to them unless they spoke in French, and only then would she respond to them. Here’s what went down:

Since setting up residence in France, Angelina is obsessed with making sure her brood speak en Français – or else! In February, eyewitnesses spotted Angie giving Pax and Zahara a stern language lesson while shopping at an Urban Outfitters in LA.

“If they asked Angelina a question in English, she would just turn her back and walk away,” recalls the witness, “Only when they spoke in French would she respond. It was like she was training dogs or something – it was a bit extreme.”

Actually, I disagree with the source completely and think it’s completely fantastic that Angelina is training her children to speak a second language, as there’s no harm in it at all. In fact, the benefits of speaking two languages are endless, if you ask me. Kudos to Angelina for being a great parent! Now, I can’t help but wonder… does she do the same with Brad Pitt?

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