Brooklyn Decker And Andy Roddick Have High Hopes For Hank

brooklyn decker and sonHank Roddick may be only five months old, but his parents, Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick, have big plans for their little guy. He’d better get ready!

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Brooklyn Decker And Andy Roddick Keeping Baby’s Gender A Secret

brooklyn-deckerBrooklyn Decker took to Instagram this week to drop the news that she and husband Andy Roddick are expecting their first child together.  At a 15th anniversary event for Andy’s foundation this week, he shared why they decided to share the news and says they’ll be keeping baby’s gender under wraps!

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Brooklyn Decker Talks Babies In Flare Magazine!

Actress and model Brooklyn Decker tells this month’s issue of Flare Magazine that she’s definitely planning to adopt, as well as having biological children with husband, tennis pro Andy Roddick.

Brooklyn’s goal is to adopt a child with special needs.

“I want to adopt a child or a baby with an intellectual disability one day. I mean, that’s in the distant future, but that’s always been a goal of mine.”

“Unfortunately a lot of kids with intellectual disabilities are given up for adoption when they’re born ’cause it’s a lot for a family.”

I think that’s an amazing goal to have.  Bravo to Brooklyn!

Photo credit: Flare Magazine

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