‘Walking Dead’ Star Andrew Lincoln Dishes On Family And Work

Walking Dead‘ star Andrew Lincoln sits down with Rachael Ray to chat about how his daughter explains his job to classmates and shares how his family deals with living on two continents. The full interview airs tomorrow, February 29th, on the ‘Rachael Ray Show‘.

On his role in “Love Actually”:

Actually, funny enough, I think that is one of the most romantic movies I have ever been involved in and I’m the only guy that doesn’t get the girl, which is yeah…

Andrew’s daughter says daddy “shoots zombies” for a living:

“yeah, well I dropped her off at school the other day and she’s just started this new school in England, it’s a little bit like Hogwarts, you know, I expect Harry Potter to be teaching them and basically I heard as I was leaving one of the girls said, “What does your daddy do for a living?” and she just said, “he shoots zombies”.

Andrew on if he would be a hider or fighter in a zombie apocalypse:

“I’d be a cooker probably, I love cooking. I do love cooking and I would be useless in a real [zombie apocalypse]…but I like slow cooking food. That’s kind of my big thing at the moment. We enjoy roasts and that kind of thing.”

Andrew on his family’s split life between England and the states:

“They love it. I mean, we live this very schizophrenic life where we have half the year in England and then everybody comes out with me. My daughter started to get an American accent after about a year.”

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