“Egypt Has A Great Disposition”


We rarely get to hear from Alicia Keys because she’s one of those celebrities who likes to keep her private life and public life separate. That, or she just doesn’t get the headlines that some other celebrities do because she stays out of trouble (and good for her!). The chart topper opens up though to Marie Claire UK Magazine, where she talks about her marriage to Swizz Beatz and their son, 3-year-old Egypt. Here’s some highlights:

‘I think we’ve taught each other a lot,’ she said. ‘He’s taught me how to live more fully and I’ve taught him how to live more deeply.’

The singer also admitted that she struggled with the negative attitudes of people close to her during her rise to fame. ‘There might have been people in my life who, now, when I look back, I realise were kind of insulting or abusive – verbally or emotionally – or just not supportive,’ she said.

Speaking about her beloved two-year-old son, the singer says ‘[He] never gets grouchy or grumpy. He has a great disposition.’

Photos by Marie Claire UK

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