What Surprises Pink The Most About Motherhood?

 Pink & Family Out For Breakfast In Malibu

Celebrity mama Pink  sat down with Women’s Health magazine for their October issue to chat about motherhood to daughter Willow.  While promoting her new moving “Thanks for Sharing”, Pink dished on her love of being a mom.

Pink shared, “What surprises me the most about being a mom is that there were ever moms that didn’t enjoy it. I know it’s a lot of work and it’s exhausting and it’s a lot of pressure but what a blessing and a gift.”

The sassy mom couldn’t be more head-over-heels for her little girl, “I have the most beautiful baby that was ever born. Ever. So I’m sorry about all the rest of you.”

The once wild child is now finding that her favorite things to do are much more relaxing than they used to be.  “my favorite thing to do when I have downtime is sleep and play with my baby. And sleep alongside my baby.”



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Glad That Her Daughter Is Fiery And Fierce, But Tender

Pink & Family Enjoying The Day In Venice Beach

Singer Pink (aka Alecia Moore) is starring in her first movie, ‘Thanks for Sharing’, and last night at the premiere she dished on her growing girl, Willow Sage Hart.  Willow turned two in June and mom Pink is having blast with her.

Pink shares that Willow is not a wallflower.  “She’s fierce. We need our girls to be fiery.”

Pink’s daughter is two, but don’t call it the “terrible twos“.  “Oh, I don’t call them terrible. I think she’s tender. She has opinions. And my challenge right now is, ‘Don’t laugh,’ because she gets pissed when I laugh. She means it, and I’m laughing. I’m, like, downplaying her emotions. She’s so cute! ‘Don’t look at me, mama! Don’t talk to me, mama!’ Okay!”

I have to agree, the twos and threes may be trying at times, but the kids are oh so much fun as their little personalities are coming out!

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Pink And Willow Sage Do Some Last Minute Holiday Shopping

Exclusive... Pink & Willow Christmas Shopping In Malibu

It seems all of Hollywood is squeezing in that last minute Christmas shopping this week.  Celebrity mom and superstar singer Pink was seen out and about today with her adorable daughter Willow Sage HartPink and Willow hit up a few stores in Malibu – Toy Crazy and The Colony Company among them.

After the holidays Pink will be preparing to kick off her North American tour.  She is such a hard worker and a dedicated performer that I’m sure she’ll be rehearsing her butt off in the coming weeks.

Do you think Pink is a mom who spoils her little girl or do you think she reigns it in with just a few meaningful gifts?

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Pink Says She Is A “Militant” Breastfeeder

I’ll be honest that these comments don’t surprise me at all when it comes to celebrity mom Pink! According to the chart topper, she is a “militant” breastfeeder and doesn’t really care who is watching her breastfeed her, either.

When asked by British talk show host Alan Carr about how she breastfeeds, she said:

“You bet!” saying she sometimes goes out of her way to try to provoke a reaction from passers-by. “I do. I do on purpose,” she said.

“I think breastfeeding is healthy and natural and it’s a comfort to my baby.”

The pop singer admits her favorite nipple rings had to be removed in order for her to stay dry.

“I had to take them out because it was like a sprinkler,” she said.

Pink adds that breastfeeding has also changed her partying ways.

“Babies don’t respect hangovers,” she said. “No matter what time we go to bed, she wakes up at 5am. So I party from maybe like 9pm to 10pm. And I party hard for that one hour. I get it all in.”

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Pink Is Out And About With Her Daughter Willow In NYC

Pop singer Pink out and about with her daughter Willow Hart in New York City on Thursday afternoon.

Something tells me that little Willow is going to grow up to have the same punk rocker style as her mom. She’s just too cute! Check out our gallery below.

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