Adam Sandler Shares The Thing That Embarrasses His Daughters

Celebrity dad Adam Sandler is already dealing with the typical kid issues like being an embarrassment to his daughters, Sadie, 6, and Sunny, 3.

“I do embarrass them now. I wear shorts a lot.  And my kids do ask me to put pants on when I go to school. They ask, ‘Could you just one time wear pants?’ And every time I get out of the car, I look down and I go, ‘I got those shorts on! Who’s gonna yell at me?’”

Adam says that he can definitely relate to his girls’ protests as his own dad left him embarrassed as a kid.

My father used to wear the same pants for like a week.  And I remember that was like, ‘My friends have been over three times this week, and they’ve seen him in the brown pants [every time]. Can I please convince this guy to get on some blue pants for the day?’”


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Adam Sandler Goes For A Stroll With His Family

Funny man Adam Sandler was spotted going for a stroll with his two daughters, Sunny, and Sadie, along with his wife Jacqueline near their home in Brentwood, Calif. on Thursday afternoon.

Could you imagine having one of Hollywood’s most comedic actors as your dad? I sure bet Adam makes those girls laugh all the time!

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Photos: Adam Sandler And His Daughter Sunny

Celebrity dad Adam Sandler was on duty yesterday morning.  The actor was spotted dropping off his daughter, Sunny, at school in Santa Monica.

Sunny was showing off some super shiny silver pants with matching shoes and pink zip-up hoodie.  Are your kids into the metallic leggings yet?

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