Mariah Carey Talks Motherhood And Trusting Nick Cannon ‘Sometimes’

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s interview with Barbara Walters airs tonight, but they’ve released a small clip of it already.  In the video, Mariah says this of pregnancy:

“I don’t think I understood the enormity or the magnitude of what it really does to your body.  Like it’s not just, oh you don’t look pretty and you have a bump.”

She then makes a comment that she only trusts her husband ‘sometimes’.  And adds:

“When he’s nice, he’s the best guy in the world.  You know, he’s a man, Barbara. Let’s call it what it is.”

Take a look at the full clip here.   The interview airs on 20/20 tonight and we’ll finally get a look at those twin babies!!!  Exciting!

Photos by Fame

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