Angelina Jolie Selling out in Asian Beauty Markets

Asia is big on all things family and children. Just like Beckman (Posh Spice and husband) family were huge in Asia until David cheated on his wife. Now it seems like Brad and Angelina have taken over as the new most popular family. When I was in Singapore the subway was plastered with government posters advocating for Singaporeans to have a lot of children as it was the most patriotic thing that they could do for their country.
Jessica Alba has done commericals overseas for Shiseido. You can check it out by searching for Jessica Alba on Celebrities like to do commericals overseas so they don’t get press in the States for being a sellout and having a lust for cash!! Just like Gwyneth Paltrow is seen doing for Martini Rosso Italian Liquor in a previous post.

In these pictures, Angelina is seen leaving her apartment in France yesterday morning for a photo shoot for cometics brand Shiseido.  Maybe she should stay home with her adopted children instead of constantly running amok.  In my opinion, she seems to be constantly running from something, be it her own father, her various marriages, etc.  She can’t even stay in one country for very long…South of France, England, Dominican Republic, etc.  I hope that I am wrong about her as Brad seems like a well-intentioned guy.  Unfortunately, he seems to bounce from one self-absorbed woman to another.  He deserves better.
Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie pregnant with Brad Pitt


Liv Tyler with Milo Looking Yummymummylicious!

Liv Tyler’s baby boy Milo may have inherited his mother’s good looks, but it seems likely he got his blonde locks from his father, Royston Langdon. The contrast between Milo’s golden blonde hair and Liv’s jet black mane was plain to see when the two were snapped out and about in the fashionable Soho area of New York this week.

The one-year-old was wearing a trendy brown top with jokey bear ears attached to the hood as he enjoyed a day out in New York on Thursday.
With Milo now fourteen months old, Liv is looking fantastic! The 28-year-old yummy mummy proved she had recovered her enviable form when she stepped out for the premiere of new flick Lonesome Jim last week, but the pretty performer says getting back in shape after having a baby is not so easy as some A-list stars make it appear.

“It’s so hard to lose your baby weight!”, she said. “Everyone makes it look like it just drops off.” The 5ft 10in actress isn’t too concerned about being super-slim, and has been a refreshing voice of honesty about just how much work it really takes to lose the baby weight. She is so wise to realize that sacrificing your own well-being and that of your baby so that you can look frightfully skinny right away is seflish and insane!
Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler


It's a Girl For Tom and Katie!

It’s a girl for Tom and Katie! Access Hollywood is reporting that Tom and Katie will be welcoming a daughter into the world. And it should be any day now!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes baby girl


Oh So Naughty Gwyneth!

According to The New York Daily News, Gwyneth was spotted drinking SEVERAL glasses of red wine!

After yesterday’s item that pregnant Gwyneth Paltrow was spotted downing Guinness with dinner on Tuesday, a reader tells me: “I sat next to her and Chris Martin at Lupa on Thompson Street Wednesday night; she had two or three glasses of wine in the time that I was there, and I left when they were partway through the main course.”

While Guinness contains iron that can be good for a pregnancy, drinking wine when you’re five months along is a tad more controversial.

Gwyneth and Chris were looking very much in love at a corner table in the back room of the popular SoHo restaurant, run by Mario Batali. Continues the spy: “She looked gorgeous as usual, with the pregnant ‘glow.’ Her face did look large though, which, according to my superstitious Italian friend who was with me, means she is having a girl, since face changes during pregnancy mean a female child.”

Clearly there are varying opinions on enjoying the ocassional beer or glass of wine while pregant, but it is simply not worth the risk. It shouldn’t be so hard to get through a pregnancy without alcohol. I personally managed to get through two pregnancies while having one glass of red wine very near the end of my first preganancy and one champagne toast the night before my scheduled c-section. This is an advertisement that Gwyneth did for the Italian Liquor Martini Rosso…NAUGHTY!

Gwyneth Paltrow drinking pregnant with baby


Angelina and Maddox at Toy Shop in Paris

After passing through a yoga center and craft store this past Wednesday, the mother-son team visited the Hôtel Pont Royal — Hôtel Littéraire. Angelina, 30, and Maddox, 4, then shopped at the Au Nain Bleu toy store and purchased a bunch of balloons before heading home to their rented apartment.

Angelina Jolie and son Maddox

Angelina Jolie and son Maddox

Angelina Jolie and boy Maddox