Heidi Klum And Family Spend The Day At The Park

Heidi Klum and Seal spent the day at Coldwater Canyon park yesterday with their kids.  Leni, Johan, Henry, and Lou had a ball playing on the swings, in the sand, and on segways with their parents.

Seal spent some time playing with the boys and their remote control helicopters.

It looks like the day was a bit chilly, but I’m sure it was much warmer than NYC.

How did you spend the day after Christmas? Lazing about? Playing? Cleaning up the mess?

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Dierks Bentley Welcomes A Daughter

Country star Dierks Bentley and his wife Cassidy received a special gift on Christmas morning – a baby girl! The couple welcomed their second daughter, Jordan Catherine Bentley on Saturday morning.  Jordan weighed in at 7lbs. 14oz.

He shared on Twitter:

“Say what [you] want about Santa’s physique, but no arguing his impeccable timing! Evie wanted a little sis for Xmas & Jordan just arrived!”

“She chose the banjo-driven part of Mumford & Sons ‘Awake My Soul’ as her walk on music … could be a troublesome sign.”

The couple also share daughter Evalyn Day, 2.

Congratulations to them!

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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Plan Traditional Tenessee Christmas

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban gave up the sun in their native Australia this Christmas to spend the holidays in Tennessee.

The couple were joined by Kidman’s parents as they celebrated in their adopted Nashville, and that means the actress will have to get creative in the kitchen.  She explained,

 “I’m not a very good cook so we’ll be buying a turkey already cooked. My parents are coming over which is nice but my sister is having her fifth child so she will not be travelling.

“We’ll be cuddling up with our baby… It’s all about family.” Meanwhile, Kidman insists she and her husband won’t be showering her baby girl Sunday Rose with expensive gifts this year (10) – all she wants for Christmas is “pretzels and raisins.”

The actress’ daughter has become a big fan of the snack foods and would be overjoyed if all she found under the tree on Christmas Day (12/25) was a box full of edible treats.

Kidman said,

 “She wants pretzels and raisins. I said, ‘No presents?’ and she said, ‘No, just pretzels and raisins please.’ She doesn’t eat candy often but she loves raisins, she’ll choose raisins over chocolate.”

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Christina Aguilera’s Son Relishing Christmas Fun

Christina Aguilera basked in the Christmas spirit this year (10) – because her young son is beginning to enjoy festive traditions for the first time.

The singer is mom to Max, two, her son by estranged husband Jordan Bratman, and the tot is revelling in the holiday season’s decorations.  She told British morning show Daybreak,

 “Absolutely (Max loves Christmas). We had this blow-up Santa Claus in my house which someone said is scary because he’s animated and you touch him and he comes to life and sings songs and (Max) gravitates towards that.

“He’s into the whole Christmas tree thing and decorating it and he loves to throw the snow on the tree.” And Aguilera admits the whole of December is one long party for her because she celebrates her birthday on the 18th, just a week before the big day.

She added,

“I just think the spirit of it all is so much fun. Me always having a birthday so close to Christmas, it’s just inevitably my favorite month.”

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