Katie Holmes Steps Out For The First Time Since Filing For Divorce From Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes is used to a media frenzy wherever she goes, but since she filed for divorce from husband Tom Cruise, it has reached a fever pitch.  There is a sea of photographers camped outside of Katie’s new NYC apartment that she has rented for herself and daughter Suri.

Here’s Katie heading to a taping of Project Runway yesterday afternoon, sans Suri. Rumor has it that Tom headed home to the U.S. from Iceland to celebrate his 50th birthday today.


Photos by Fameflynet

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Quote Of The Day: Angelina Jolie Says Raising Six Kids Is Easy

Angelina Jolie tells the new issue of Britain’s OK! Magazine:

“It’s just so easy for me to be looking after the kids even thought it takes a lot of energy and you don’t have much time for yourself.  The children are so much a part of my life and Brad’s that we don’t worry or stress ourselves about not working more often.”

“I don’t feel as if I’m depriving myself from anything except maybe sleep. But now that the twins are older, Mommy and Daddy are getting a little more rest and time to be together.”


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Denise Richards Does A Photoshoot With Daughter Eloise

Denise Richards on WhoSay

Celebrity mom Denise Richards and her daughter Eloise get cozy in a new photoshoot together. Denise showed off her baby girl, matching her in all-white, in a new Twitter post.

Denise writes:

“Eloise & I just finished our shoot!”

Denise has been busy, busy with her girls and her career. Denise just finished promoting her role in ‘Madea’s Witness Protection’ this past week. Did you see it at theater this weekend? Was it funny?

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Kate Beckinsale Talks Babies And Losing Her Dad At A Young Age

Underworld‘ actress Kate Beckinsale opened up in a recent interview about the possibility of having another baby with husband Len Wiseman and shares a bit about losing her dad as a young child.

Kate shares a daughter, Lily Mo Sheen, with actor Michael Sheen and says that she’s just not sure about having another baby right now.

”There’s absolutely part of me that goes, ‘I’d love to have a baby in the relationship I’m in, and have that experience when the relationship’s really good and exclusive,’ but I’m just not sure. At some point the decision will be made for me, when my ovaries dry up and die. We’ll see. There’s nothing that makes me go, ‘And now I must have triplets!’ ”

Kate tells Britain’s Glamour magazine that she doesn’t fear aging since she lost her dad at such a young age (she was just five).

”I love ‘pretty’ as much as anybody, but if that’s all there is as a culture, we’re screwed. I think you have to be as objective about that as possible and say, ‘There is nothing that serves my soul in wondering how crow’s feet are going to affect my life.’ It’s something to be resisted. Ageing is going to happen and it should. My father died at 31, so to me ageing is extremely preferable to the alternative, which is not ageing. Every year I get past 31, I think, ‘Thank God.’ It’s a gift to be able to go, ‘I look different, that means I’m not dead!”

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