Georgina Chapman Dishes On Her Second Pregnancy

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Fashionista Georgina Chapman and her movie mogul husband Harvey Weinstein are expecting their second child together.  The pregnant mom says that she is feeling great so far.

She shared with Celebrity Baby Scoop, “I am very lucky. The pregnancy has been perfect so far. I feel good; I am having an easy pregnancy.”

Georgina also shared that her daughter India, 2, is getting the fashion bug. “Being a 2-year-old, she loves running, drawing on everything, sticking things on everything. She’s like a little Tasmanian devil running around [laughs]. She loves being at the office and going through all the fabrics and everything.  She loves fashion already —  she strokes the dresses and goes, ‘Beautiful dress, Mommy.’ ”

Georgina on balancing work (she’s a co-founder of Marchesa) and motherhood: “I make sure I carve out time to be with my daughter. My family is my number one priority.  India comes into the office with me most days – she has her little area with a desk and she draws. I leave later in the mornings now and spend the mornings with her, so I do see her.  She spends a lot of time with me at work.  I don’t know how that’s going to work once she’s at school – I’m going to miss her, it’s going to be hard.”


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Pregnant Lara Stone And Her Husband David Walliams Do Some Last Minute Shopping

David Walliams & Lara Stone Go Christmas Shopping

Comedian David Walliams and his expectant wife Lara Stone were snapped on Bond Street in London doing some last minute Christmas shopping together.   Lara dressed her baby bump in all black, wearing a cozy winter coat and a form-fitting black top.

David recently joked about hoping the baby looks like Lara. “I’m really looking forward to being a dad, the whole experience.  I’m looking forward to seeing the baby for the first time, seeing this little person who’s a mixture of you and the person you really love.  But hopefully it will look like Lara and not Simon Cowell.”

David and Lara have been married since 2010 and are expecting their first baby in spring.


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Nicole Richie Says Her Style Didn’t Change With Motherhood

Semi-Exclusive... Nicole Richie Takes Harlow To The Fresh Beat Band Concert

‘Fashion Star’ mentor Nicole Richie says that her style hasn’t changed a bit since becoming a mom to Harlow, 4, and Sparrow, 3.  Nicole’s fashion hasn’t changed, but her time to devote to it is a little more limited these days.

She shared, “I wear all the same [types of] things I wore [before motherhood]. I’ll always stay true to me. There’s nothing specific that I’ve changed [because of motherhood].”

One thing that HAS changed is the amount of time she has to get ready some mornings.  The celebrity mom says sometimes that shows.  “I get up at 5:30 in the morning and I don’t really stop for anything until about 7 or 8 at night.  I’m going all day so it’s important for me, for my lifestyle, to kind of just be comfortable and not really think about what I’m wearing. I’ve always been one to dress for comfort.   Sometimes I look great, sometimes I look like I got ready in 15 minutes,”



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Katherine Heigl Talks About Quick Adoption Process

Exclusive... Katherine Heigl Leaving For A Christmas Party

’27 Dresses’ actress Katherine Heigl opened up about the surprisingly quick process of adopting their second daughter Adalaide.  Katherine and her husband Josh Kelley announced Adalaide’s adoption back in Spring.  She reveals that they were shocked at how fast it all happened this time.

“This was fascinating because we started the adoption process again and we thought we were gonna adopt internationally. It’s a pretty long process. It can take years. And then we started exploring because we had heard that Korea had gotten very hard to adopt from, and China had a very, very long waiting list and I was like (taps wrist), any day now.  And so we started exploring the idea of domestic adoption – just exploring – and then my lawyer called and said, ‘There’s a birth mother and she’s due in four weeks and she’s all yours if you want her.’”

Despite the shock, the couple realized that it was perfect timing since their work schedules were light at that precise moment.  Josh was in awe over the thought of a newborn baby,  “He thought it was gonna be a few years, and that we were gonna end up with more of like a 9-month-old or 10-month-old, and he looked at me and said, ‘You’re telling me in a month we’re gonna have a newborn?’ And I said, ‘Yes. It’s perfect timing, don’t you think? Look we’re both here, we’re not working. This is great. We can spend time with her.’ And it has been beautifully serendipitous and graceful, because we’ve gotten to spend all this wonderful time with her.”

Sounds like it was indeed perfect timing!  I’m sure they’re going to enjoy every moment of her first Christmas with big sister Naleigh!

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